CES 2019: Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas with Sharks & Dennis Quaid


With over 4,400 companies exhibiting new products and services, CES 2019–  the world’s biggest technology show, took over Las Vegas, and was a gadget lover’s paradise, and a window into the future of … well, everything. Walking through almost 2 million square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center, The Sands Expo Convention Center, and The Venetian Hotel was a task for only the best technology, business, health, beauty, and electronics reporters could handle! 

Above photos are of actor Dennis Quaid @DennisQuaidandTheSharks, who we met at The LiveXLive CES Party at “Catch” – #CatchVegas at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. Dennis has starred in many popular movies like “The Rookie,”  “The Right Stuff,” and “Footloose” – a 2011 remake of the 1984 smash hit. He also achieved acclaim for his portrayal of Jerry Lee Lewis in Great Balls of Fire! (1989) -where we were lucky enough to be at the world movie premiere at The AMPAS headquarters in Beverly Hills. We had first met Dennis with his then wife Meg Ryan, at The Golden Globe Awards. Dennis was very nice to talk to us about a few of his past movies, and new projects he is working on, and about his Esurance TV Commercial, that: ‘It’s Surprisingly Painless’, that you must have seen on TV since it runs all day and night. LiveXLive also had live musical performances up on stage- which is why Dennis was there, since he also happens to be the lead Singer and lead Guitarist of his own band called “Dennis Quaid and The Sharks” !!!

And speaking of Sharks, one of the star Shark investors of the hit TV show: “Shark Tank” is Billionaire Daymond John: @Thesharkdaymond, who we talked to in the CES press room at The Sands Expo Convention Center, about how his show is on TV everyday: 

And again speaking of Sharks, and the hit TV show: “Shark Tank” – was a company that “was seen on TV’s Shark Tank” : Pain Care Labs, which we consider one of the very important companies that had a booth at CES, that are far as your health is concerned, may be the most important product there that could change your life, since the product relieves pain fast anywhere on your body without using any drugs ! We spoke to the owner: Dr. Amy Baxter MD, who told us how Shark Tank Investor Barbara Ann Corcoran turned down her “Buzzy” pain relief product, but despite that her pain relief products went on to big success: 

Wearables” is a new buzz word now-a-days, and Pain Care Labs has some of those type of products for Pain Relief and Recovery. Below is a photo of Dr. Baxter holding the Buzzy product that Barbara Corcoran turned down on Shark Tank (the smaller product in her hand on the left of the photo): 

Below is a close up of The VibraCool Pain Relief and Recovery Product, that uses a Wearable Compression Strap, with freeze solid ice packs- that in only 10 minutes of therapy, using intense high frequency vibrations (“Frequency” also is the name of a movie that Dennis Quaid starred in, as in above), can relieve your pain in your Wrists, Elbows, Neck, Shoulders, Knee, Ankle, Plantar and lower Back, and almost any part of your body ! It can even bring relief for Headaches: 

In the below photo: Comedian and Actor: Sinbad – stopped by The Pain Care Labs booth to tell Dr. Baxter how much this product has helped him, and to thank Dr. Baxter and sing the praises for this amazing Wearable VibraCool Pain Relief Product. In this CES video news segment you can learn more about Pain Care Labs, and about other companies and their new products. 

For more information, and if you like to buy any of these great products that you saw on our show, go to: BuzzyHelps.com, VibraCool.com, DistrACTIONHelps.com, DuoTherm.Care, PainCareLabs.com. @sinbadbad  SisuGuard.com or E-Mail us direct to get any of these products today: info@entertainmentandsportstoday.com

Some companies had booths or suites at CES 2019 at the beautiful Venetian Hotel, and below is a photo of the amazing paintings and art work at the entrance to The Venetian: 

One of the biggest events at CES for over 25 years is The Monster Cable Awards, Concert, and After-Party. This year Monster celebrated their 40th Anniversary with an epic party at The Apex Social Club at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. We will be bringing you 2 more TV episodes on Monster- so stay tuned! Below is a photo of the amazing view from up high at the Palms Hotel Apex Social club, and below that a photo taken fron the Monster Red Carpet: 

In this news segement video we will have a few of the great new products that we learned about at CES, with more news segments to come.  

One of the stories we have in this video news segment, as part of our news coverage of the new health related products is made by Akervall Technologies: The Sisu Sense Mouthguard that protects your teeth! For playing contact sports the all new SISU® GO between you and the unpredictable, you can cut the risk of dental-related injury by 90% thanks to the impact distribution of Diffusix™ Technology. SISU® GO provides the same amazing ability to Talk, Breathe, and Drink that SISU is known for at a fraction of the weight and size of traditional guards, and now sells for under $20 ! Also, for everyday use they have a Nightguard that protects your teeth when you sleep at night, for people that grind their teeth. Dentists sell this for about $600, and Sisu Guard sells it for under $100!  Using revolutionary Diffusix™ technology, SISU Mouthguards are 8 times tougher and 30-50% stronger than conventional mouthguards. SISU IS REVOLUTIONIZING THE MOUTHGUARD INDUSTRY BY CONSISTENTLY LEADING IN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, INVENTING NEW ENERGY DISSIPATING CONCEPTS, USING SUPERIOR MATERIALS, AND INCORPORATING IT ALL INTO ELEGANT ENGINEERING! For more information, and if you like to buy this great product go to: SisuGuard.com, or E-Mail us direct to get any of these products today: info@entertainmentandsportstoday.com

At CES 2019 there was laptops thin enough to disappear in a backpack, TVs that magically unroll from a box on command, a new type of Micro LED TV : Samsung’s 219-inch “The Wall,” TVs that rise out of a credenza, robot legs that help you walk, a wand that “erases” skin blemishes, a tasty burger with no meat, a smart toilet, Google had a Disney-esque tram ride in its massive booth outside the convention center extolling the virtues of its Google Assistant, audio protocol known simply as WiSA that transmits crystal-clear, high-resolution audio wirelessly to stereo, surround, or even Dolby Atmos speakers, Royole’s home-grown folding smartphone, Oculus Quest VRCybershoes that act as a supplement for your existing VR setup — and your existing shoes, where you slip them over a pair of standard shoes and walk much like you would in real life, so your movements are transferred into the games you’re playing, and the Nvidia RTX 20-series mobile GPUs, the most powerful consumer GPUs ever made.

We saw LG’s Signature OLED TV R. The R stands for roll-up or, as we like to call it, “roll-ed.” The TV emerges from a long rectangular box like a phoenix from the ashes, and when you’re done watching, it rolls right back down, out of sight. If it’s a sharper picture you’re after, 8K sets were everywhere from Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, and others, proving that the new buzzword will remain on lips and minds in 2019.  Samsung and Sony will sell 98-inch 8K TVs, LG will counter with an 88-inch OLED, and all of them will be ridiculously expensive. The cheapest 8K set so far is a $5,000 65-inch Samsung, but with no 8K content, there’s still no reason to buy one now.

Audi harnessed the power of virtual reality (VR) to make a significant breakthrough in in-car entertainment, while Qualcomm wants to finally make vehicle-to-everything communication a reality. Its 9150 chipset should bring the technology to cars at last, and should hopefully save lives. Meanwhile, Bell unveiled a full-scale prototype of a vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) air taxi at CES, and Harley-Davidson showed off the production version of its first electric motorcycle ever, coming to dealerships this year.

Health tech had a bigger presence than ever at CES 2019. The DIY medtech products included vision self-testing kits, a vest that monitors heart health, a new ECG watch that’s far cheaper than the Apple Watch Series 4 and the Omron HeartGuide — a smartwatch that doubles as a blood-pressure cuff. And while Butterfly IQ’s portable ultrasound machine is designed for a healthcare professional to monitor it remotely, the fact that you can use it in your own home could be a huge step forward for telemedicine. Sleep was another prominent theme for health tech. Lack of sleep is related to memory loss, irritability and impaired cognitive function, which is why both the Hupnos sleep mask and Philips Sleep Sensor are aiming to curtail snoring.

Beauty was high-tech at CES this year but the message was age-old: “We have the secret to eternal youth.” The lines between tech and beauty companies are blurring, with products designed to diagnose skin problems, correct flaws and quantify what was previously unquantifiable. If you thought beauty is skin deep, think again. There were hand-held devices ready to analyze your every pore, such as the Smarkin from Comper, which claims to be able to remove fatty cells and reduce skin irritation. There’s also the HiSkin by HiMirror, a device that analyses your skin’s hydration and melanin levels and communicates the data back to your mirror. Here’s lookin’ at you, skin. One of the biggest beauty tech displays was from CES first-timer Procter & Gamble. The 181-year-old brand’s start-up division, P&G Ventures, was showing off a new handheld wand that captures images of your skin, detects changes in tone (such as freckles or blemishes) and prints makeup on those precise spots. It blew us away, but it won’t be cheap when it hits stores. P&G’s skincare brand SK-II brand also got a showing, with a walk-through retail experience brand that used facial recognition to scan your face, diagnose your skin age and then, conveniently, recommend the exact products you should buy to fix your issues. After all, what’s the point in analyzing your skin if there isn’t a solution being sold at the end of it all?

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For more information, and if you like to buy any of these great products that you saw on our show, go to: BuzzyHelps.com, VibraCool.com, DistrACTIONHelps.com, DuoTherm.Care, PainCareLabs.com. @sinbadbad SisuGuard.com  or E-Mail us direct to get any of these products today: info@entertainmentandsportstoday.com

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