CNN’s Chris Cuomo is fighting & beating the Coronavirus!


We can all learn how CNN’s News Host Chris Cuomo is fighting the Coronavirus – and WINNING ! This is an inspiration for all of you that may have COVID-19 – and are looking for ways to get better.

You can go to our website: and on the top of our home page click on to “Health & Beauty” to learn more about this terrible pandemic, and how to build up your immune system to beat this virus! We have Doctors and Health Experts that you can learn the many ways you can build up your immune system, improve your overall health, and make yourself stronger to fight off COVID-19! There are also some entertaining stories with music that will lift your spirits during these trying times.

Chris is now still broadcasting his news show everyday from the basement of his house, and all of our prayers go out to him to 100% beat COVID-19 !

For more inspiration click the below link to our website- so you can view a free live concert tomorrow- on EASTER SUNDAY – from Milan, Italy – where Andrea Bocelli will be giving a special performance to give us all hope:

Andrea Bocelli: Live Easter Sunday Concert for Hope to beat Coronavirus!

Entertainment & Sports Today TV, and Entertainment Today was invited to promote and help to broadcast live to the world:   “Andrea Bocelli: Live Easter Sunday Concert for Hope to beat Coronavirus!” This will be STREAMING LIVE WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVELY ON YOUTUBE FROM THE DUOMO CATHEDRAL IN MILAN, ITALY ON EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 12.  We are honored to be part of this worldwide historic Live Music Concert Event with a legend of the music world, to lift the spirits of people that were hit hard in Italy and from around the world during this terrible Coronavirus Epidemic, and we will be providing a link to this live concert to all of our viewers, and anyone else that may want it – for FREE!  From 6pm UK time, 10am PST, 1pm EST

If you have any questions to view this concert live from your time zone, or if you can’t see it live, and you wish to view it afterwards, you can E-Mail us at: for complete details. This is the link to click on that will take you to the live performance, starting from 6pm UK time, 10am PST, 1pm EST:


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