Djs From Mars Live from The Flamingo Las Vegas Pool


In this episode from Entertainment Today , we are live in Las Vegas , at The Flamingo Pool for a live performance from DJS From Mars , with music reporter Brittany bringing you a great concert from these star DJs. Recently DJS From Mars performed at The MTV Video Music Awards at The Fabulous Forum in Los Angeles , and our news staff was able to talk to them there .  DJS From Mars also were at other major award shows and events , and are very popular – so look for them and our news team at other future events that we will be covering.

Djs from Mars is an Italian DJ and production team, composed of Max Aqualuce (born August 3, 1979 in Turin), Luca Ventafunk (born February 29, 1976 in Turin). They are known for their mash-ups of popular songs turned into electro dance music. The duo produced a few songs receiving airplay in Italy such as “Non Dormo Più”, “Dirty Mary” and “Don’t Give Up”. Being among their lesser known releases, it was not until they started releasing bootlegs and mash-ups that the audience’s attention turned to them. Their specialty is the ability to mix previously existing successful songs and turning them into electronic music tracks. Among their remixes and bootlegs, Djs From Mars released in 2011 their first single in 2 years, entitled “Insane (In Da Brain)” with the singer Fragma, licensing it in over 15 countries. Below photos of the 2 Djs from Mars in DJ control booth by stage, and me posing with them and their carry bag line, that they gave me by the pool:Image result for DJS From Mars

Lady Gaga featured their bootlegs of “Metallica vs Lady Gaga” on Twitter. Their productions are frequently featured on YouTube, as well. The duo received over 10 million views on their channel, and reached the 100.000 fans mark on their Facebook fan page in May 2012.  Image result for DJS From Mars

Image result for DJS From Mars

Famous for wearing cardboard boxes on their heads while playing live, they performed at a number of night clubs and events over the world including Europe, USA, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Canada, and China. They opened for Tiesto in Atlantic City in March 2011. Below photo of Brittany and our news team in Las Vegas at The Flamingo Pool for The Concert and pool party : 

For the complete story go to: and @DJSfromMarsOfficial , @flamingovegas Below: Day Beats poster ad for pool  & Djs, and  the swim up blackjack pool as Caesars Palace : 


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