On this episode of Entertainment & Sports Today, and Entertainment Today TV, we will take you right down on the red carpet for interviews with actors Michael Shannon, Amy Adams, Jeff Goldblum, James Woods, Oliver Stone, and William H Macy with Entertainment Today’s TV Show Host – Margie Rey, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Below Photos: Top- Amy Adams, then Jeff Goldblum, then Oliver Stone, then bottom – James Woods & Oliver Stone with the WGA Laurel Award:

Then in our Health & Beauty segment from the World of Sports– Margie does an interview where you will leard more about a great running shoe called- HOKA ONE ONE, and their Bondi 5 running shoe– which is great for all types of athletes, people who workout a lot, and for people just to use everyday – to give them better protection and support- which our reporters can verify for you that it does this and much more ! In fact it even helps to improve your feet if you happen to have inflammation. 

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Then in our last news segment Entertainment Today TV’s Show Host : Margie Rey, will take you to New York for a One – on – One interview with Movie legend and celebrity icon, Denzel Washington! Denzel talks about how he got started in the acting business in school – and you will be surprised by what he says ! This was a rare privelage to talk to a living legend ! Related image

Margie Rey, was at the right place, at the right time when she interviewed Denzel when he won the prestigious American Cinematheque Lifetime Achievement Award at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. When Margie asked Denzel – “what is the best advice you ever got”, he gave Margie that famous big smile of his and said: “I don’t know – brush your teeth? ” 

Below Photo of Entertainment Today’s TV News Team : Dani Lemere , Steve Taylor, Margie Rey, and Kalpana Pandit : 

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