Friday: “The Gala of the Royal Horses” – Start of 2019 North America Tour


Anaheim Hills Saddle Club Welcomes “The Gala of the Royal Horses” Tour February 1-3, For the Start of their 2019 North America Tour !

For the first time ever, riding Master René Gasser, creator and producer for “Gala of The Royal Horses” will be bringing his world-renowned equestrian tour to Southern California beginning February 13, 2019.  The event will take place at Orange County’s premier equine center, Anaheim Hills Saddle Club, located at 6352 Nohl Ranch Road, Anaheim CA. 92807.

In this news segment you can check out the video showcasing all of the equestrian productions Rene Gasser has produced over the years.

This lavish production is created, produced and stars world-renowned riding master Rene Gasser, who by following in the family footsteps and experiences of seven generations has recreated an event only previously seen at the famous riding schools in Vienna and Spain.

Gala of the Royal Horses features the horses of Spain and Vienna, some of the most celebrated in history, favored for centuries by European royalty, equestrian riders and bullfighters.  This production will celebrate the tradition, athleticism and grace of these revered creatures.

Gala of The Royal Horses will feature a number of performances involving the Spanish Andalusian, Friesian, Lipizzaner and Arabian breeds, as well as our recently added Quarter Horse.  The event is dedicated to showing off the amazing beauty and maneuvers these horses are capable of including the stunning maneuvers once used on the battlefield now known as “The Airs Above The Ground”, The “Art of Garrocha”, and the amazing “Roman Riding”.

We welcome this world-class equine entertainment event to our facility, says Andrew Edwards, owner of the Anaheim Hills Saddle Club.  “It’s our goal to bring family entertainment to our community and with a covered arena the event takes place rain or shine!”

“The unique qualities of the Royal Horses single them out from all other breeds in the Equine world. Their physical beauty & grace, coupled with exceptional courage and nobility make them an object ofadmiration and a source of inspiration for horse lovers everywhere,” say Gasser.

For the last ten years Rene had been touring both in Australia and abroad with his various productions, which include Gala of the Royal Horses, Lipizzaner’s With the Stars, Equestra and El Caballo Blanco. Rene is excited to bring an all-new revamped production of Gala of The Royal Horses to audiences across North America.

Tickets for this special event are priced at the following:  Limited VIP seats (includes post show Meet and Greet) available for $75 adults/$40 for Children (ages 4-12)).  Regular admission adult tickets are only $50. Children 12 and under are $20, and seniors (60+) are $35.  Show times are Friday, February 1 at 7 PM, Saturday February 2, 2 PM and 6 PM, and Sunday February 3, 3 PM.

Advance tickets are available online at or at the door one hour before show time. Full tour info is at  or call at 352/208/2244.

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