The Fit Expo #1: New Health & Pain Products & Advice, & CBD


In this first episode of two TV news segments:  Entertainment & Sports Today’s – TV Show Host Margie Rey will take you to the LA Convention Center for THE FIT EXPO for interviews with many health experts and athletes that will give you some great health and fitness tips, and actions you need to take so you can prevent many bad health problems. So stay tuned for more health tips and advice, as part of our Sports , and Health and Beauty news segments.

In this first news segment Margie will bring you another interview with Carlson Labs who make the BEST FISH OIL on the market today. WE have talked to them at their booths many times before at this event, and many other health related events, like the Natural Products Expo West (NPEW), that is held every year in Anaheim in March, and our health reporters who have tested it can verify how fresh and potent it is, and how it can help you with many health related problems that you may have !  Carlson Labs has produced pure, quality, award-winning vitamins, minerals, fish oils, and other nutritional supplements, since 1965! The company began with a single vitamin E product in Founder Susan Carlson’s small Chicago apartment and quickly grew to offer the most complete line of all-natural vitamin E supplements in the world. In the early 1980s, Carlson helped launch the omega-3 market in North America, importing our first high-quality, great-tasting, sustainable fish oils from Norway. In 2009, they released a new marine oil sourced from an abundant species of calamari. Today, the next generation of Carlson Labs leads the company—daughters Carilyn Anderson and Kirsten Carlson—and the innovations continue. Carlson Labs now offers more than 200 unique products designed with your family’s unique nutritional needs in mind. ​ 

For your Cardiovascular Function, Cognitive Health, and Joint Support Carlson Fish Oil is the best product for you to use. 2 months ago one of our reporters was personally told by his doctor that “Carlson Fish Oil would help to lower high cholesterol”. It has already helped a lot, and we will update you with the results next month. The Very Finest Fish Oil™ in lemon flavor has received numerous awards for its taste and quality. To ensure maximum freshness, The Very Finest Fish Oil™ is closely managed from sea to store. They source the highest quality, deep, cold-water fish using traditional, sustainable methods. The Very Finest Fish Oil™ is then bottled with a touch of vitamin E and is given a nitrogen flush to remove oxygen and help prevent oxidation. Each teaspoon of The Very Finest Fish Oil™ provides 1,600 mg of omega-3s, including EPA and DHA, which support heart, brain, vision, and joint health. Like all Carlson omega-3s freshness, potency, and purity are guaranteed.

If you like to buy this product now go to:  or call Toll-free:  888.234.5656, or 847.255.1600 For general info go to: OR E-Mail us direct: so that one of our staff can connect you with the right people.

In the next interview of this news segment Margie will bring you another exclusive interview with Lawyer, Talent Manager , and former MR. Venice Beach – Cyrus Nownejad.  Cyrus worked at Law Offices of Cyrus and Cyrus, PLC , and had an emphasis in Trials & Litigation . He is a graduate of Seattle University Law School , and California State University, Northridge  with an emphasis in Business Marketing . Cyrus now lives in Beverly Hills, California , and is from there originally.

Cyrus is joined by his client : Movie & TV Actress, Model, Spokesmodel , and health and fitness expert: Kellie Dionne whom he represents for this interview that gives some great health and fitness tips , and actions you can take to prevent many bad health problems. Kellie Dionne is the Lead Talent Director at Manikin Model & Talent Agency, Toyota Financial Services Spokesmodel at Dealer Analysts  , Spokesmodel at JetSet Gobal Media ,and Investigative Reporter at Justice Private Investigations, Inc. So stay tuned for more health tips and advice from these two, as part of our Sports , and Health and Beauty news segments.  For me information on Kellie Dionne go to  For me information on Cyrus Nownejad go to :

Now that it’s legal: “CBD” is the new buzz word, and many booths had many variations of this amazing health product.  CBD hemp extracts are the “cousin” plant to the type of cannabis that produces marijuana. These CBD products can be used on your body and skin- in the form of a spray or cream, or can be in a form for you to drink or eat. CBD can help you to lower the pain levels anywhere in your body, and can help you with inflammation and stress problems that you may have. CBD can also improve your sleep, and many other health issues !

In this news video segment you will learn all about The Fit Expo, and how it can change your life – as far as your health is concerned ! This family-friendly event has thousands of fitness enthusiasts ranging from bodybuilders and powerlifters to jiu-jitsu and karate participants, personal trainers, group exercise instructors, competitive athletes and even the weekend warrior. Attendees meet fitness celebrities, and discovered new health and wellness products and services, had access to free fitness classes, cooking demos, witness live fitness competitions, and much more.

For more interviews and TV news segments live from The Fit Expo this weekend, and health advice go to or

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