The Fit Expo #2: Health Advice, & Products to Relieve Pain and Stress


In this second episode of two TV news segments:  Entertainment & Sports Today’s – TV Show Host Margie Rey will take you to the LA Convention Center for THE FIT EXPO for interviews with many health experts and athletes that will give you some great health and fitness tips, and actions you need to take so you can prevent many bad health problems. So stay tuned for more health tips and advice, as part of our Sports , and Health and Beauty news segments.

In this TV video news segment Margie talked to Phillip Wilson the founder and CEO of Momentum98 , which has been around since 1976; about he was the first to introduce innovative, new holistic health products to the public. At and in his Momentum Health Store, you will find a full array of professional massage toolshomeopathic remediesalternative health information, household items and personal care wellness products, books, videos, charts, yoga and fitness equipment, and of course, the very popular and affordable Relax Far Infrared Ray Portable Sauna – available in either sit up or lie down models.

Margie tested out Momentum98’s ACU-MASSEUR, and got some amazing immediate results with it, and Margie and our Health news reporters will be giving you future updates on how well this product works to improve your health. It is great for your trapezius muscle, piriformis, and occipitals.

One of the speakers at a massage therapy show spoke at great length on the value of massaging the trapezius muscles. However, to do these points on yourself (in a stress-free way) is next to impossible.  But now you CAN, with the Acu-Masseur.  By using the red string, one can not only massage the trapezius muscles, but also the scapula, teres, lats & much more.  Definitely a favorite among many massage therapists ! 

The Acu-Masseur also massages and penetrates deeply into the occipitalsIt can also perform wonders by massaging the calves, hamstrings, arms, quads, obliques, ribs, scapula or down the hips & legsThe Acu-masseur is one of the most unique massage tools on the planet.  Massage therapists rave about the points on their shoulders that they can deeply massage by themselves.   Use it like you would yoga.  Get into a position with it, and then deeply breathe and/or slowly move your muscles in a stretching motion, or slowly tweak the red balls of the acu-masseurs as they hug and squeeze you.  Miracles abound.  Enjoy your new friend.

Another great product that Momentum98 has – that we will also be talking about in this TV news segment, and future health shows is the Relax Sauna. If you are looking for the most advanced Far Infrared Technology, then you have found it! What makes the Relax Sauna so effective is the generator of the Far Infrared Light that interacts with and pulsates your water molecules.  It increases your body’s core temperature and dilates your capillaries, which improves your circulation, and increases lymph flow. When you have all of this, it is incredible to see the health benefits that come with it.  Many health problems will simply disappear!  

The Relax Sauna is the ONLY portable sauna that uses the same patented far infrared generator technology used in the Sky Eye Radiator, which has received medical device certification from the FDA!  Of course, all great products have their imitators. The reason people love and prefer the Relax Sauna is because it is portable. It heats up fast. It uses radiators that strongly emit warm healing far infrared light. It efficiently and consistently delivers a complete, total body sauna experience, in only 15 minutes!

The Relax Sauna radiator is the most advanced of any FIR Light generator, and generates the purest, cleanest, most intense soothing light of any FIR Sauna that we have encountered! The Sit-Up version of the Relax Sauna uses two radiators that produce 1500 watts of energy, and generates a very intense healing light energy. The Lie-down Relax Sauna has one radiator that produces 1000 watts of energy.  Both have computer-programmed ceramic semi-conductor chips that filter out all NON-healing energies, and a reflecting tent that penetrates deep into human tissues over and over and over again. Unlike a tanning bed, the Relax Sauna will NEVER burn the skin. However, the FIR heat will open the pores in the skin and provoke the body to sweat out waste and toxins.

Every other portable “FIR” sauna generates only about 30% far infrared Light. They use a far infrared cloth which covers a metallic grid, or hotplate. It appears that there is no legal definition regulating what can be called a FIR Sauna.  When you see a sauna advertised as FIR, It means to me that it is at least 25% FIR Energy being generated. Each company “Should” be able to tell you what percentage of the generated light in their sauna is FIR light (healing light). NOTE: The remaining percentage of generated light CANNOT be absorbed by your body. Unfortunately, most individuals selling these saunas have NO CLUE that their saunas are NOT even close to 100% FIR. On the other hand,  technology is the same as that in the Momentum98 Sky Eye Radiator. The Sky Eye Radiator has been issued a 510(k) number by the FDA, designating it as a medical device. Dozens of individuals who own expensive wooden saunas have chosen to purchase the Relax Sauna – specifically noting that the wooden saunas are very slow to heat up and as a result don’t get much use.  Similarly, scores of those who own other brands of portable saunas have purchased the Relax Sauna from Momentum98  sighting that not only do their existing models take too long to heat up but also that they don’t get a good sweat, don’t feel as good as they do with the Relax Sauna, and see little improvement in their ailments with these other brands.

In this segment you will see a demonstration of how these great products works. If you like to buy this product now go to: or call 1-800-533-HERB (4372) or 614-262-7087 or Email: OR E-Mail us direct: so that one of our staff can connect you with the right people. AS you saw in this interview with Phillip – mention the code “ET” to get a big discount ! 

Margie also had a great interview with Sevak Khodabakhsian, D.C., C.E.S. aka Dr. K, who is chiropractor of 18 years, specializing in sports rehab. He has dedicated his career to helping people improve their quality of life. Dr. K had a surfing accident 25 years ago that compressed the vertebrae in his neck, so he knows the importance of self-care first hand. The most important factors in helping his patients recover are providing the right tools and the right plan. So Dr. K created a foam roller that works with the body’s natural curves along with a daily recovery and spine-care program, complimentary with every purchase. With two sizes and three densities to choose from, we are confident there’s an IntelliRoll® that’s right for you! Dr. K below.

IntelliRoll’s center SPINE ZONE targets the muscles and joints of the spine while protecting the vertebrae. The spine is our most vital structure protecting the connection from the brain to the body! Regular use of IntelliRoll’s SPINE ZONE significantly increases spinal health by helping to restore spinal extension and joint mobility. Posture improves when we restore the natural alignment of our body. IntelliRoll’s SPINE ZONE accomplishes this by first mobilizing immobile joints and secondly by releasing all of the tight surrounding muscles of the mid and upper back where postural tension commonly builds. Whether you want to improve your daily activities or boost athletic performance, or simply look and feel better, IntelliRoll’s SPINE ZONE helps you achieve this quickly, safely and easily!

Tech neck is a syndrome caused from forward head postures while interfacing with technology. The most common symptoms are pain at the junction of the neck and shoulders, and/or tension headaches. Left untreated, disc problems, nerve impingement and disc degeneration can result. The good news is there are 3 simple ways to fix Tech Neck: Pay attention to posture. Hold or position technological devices at eye level. Keep your mid-back mobile. IntelliRoll’s SPINE ZONE makes this easy to do. In only 30 seconds you can measurably increase mobility using IntelliRoll. Strengthen the neck and low-back muscles. Every purchase of IntelliRoll comes with exercises for increasing strength and improving mobility.

In this segment you will see a demonstration of how this great product works. If you like to buy this product now go to: or call (800)559-2820  OR E-Mail us direct: so that one of our staff can connect you with the right people.

Now that it’s legal: “CBD” is the new buzz word, and many booths had many variations of this amazing health product.  CBD hemp extracts are the “cousin” plant to the type of cannabis that produces marijuana. These CBD products can be used on your body and skin- in the form of a spray or cream, or can be in a form for you to drink or eat. CBD can help you to lower the pain levels anywhere in your body, and can help you with inflammation and stress problems that you may have. CBD can also improve your sleep, and many other health issues !

In this news video segment you will learn all about The Fit Expo, and how it can change your life – as far as your health is concerned ! This family-friendly event has thousands of fitness enthusiasts ranging from bodybuilders and powerlifters to jiu-jitsu and karate participants, personal trainers, group exercise instructors, competitive athletes and even the weekend warrior. Attendees meet fitness celebrities, and discovered new health and wellness products and services, had access to free fitness classes, cooking demos, witness live fitness competitions, and much more.

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