The GBK Grammy Celebrity Luxury Gifting Lounge


Grammy Nominated Artists, and former winners, Producers and Writers from the Music World, as well as Presenters and other A-List Celebrities, were invited to The STK @ The W Hotel in Westwood for The GBK Grammy Celebrity Luxury Gifting Lounge.

This 2-day VIP invite only event is a special opportunity for press to come out and speak with some of this year’s hottest Grammy nominees, presenters, past winners and other Hollywood elite in an intimate setting.  This year the celebrity guests will be gifted items with an overall value of over $15,000 and include amazing international vacations, clothing & apparel, jewelry & accessories, food, in-home wine tasting, health & beauty products, skin care, STK Gift Certificate and more.

Grammy nominees and performers as well as other A-List Celebrities who were there included: Betrayer (Best Metal Performance), Nipsey Hussle (Rap Album of the year), Dan + Shay (2x 2019 Grammy’s Nom), Ashley McBryde (Best Country Album), Alice in Chains (Best Rock Album), H.E.R. 5x 2019 Grammy Nominee), Halestorm (Best Rock Performance): the lead vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale, and their guitarist Joe Hottinger,Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons), Wood & Wine (Best Bluegrass Album),Yiddish Glory (Best World Music), Opium Moon (Best New Age), Sam Moore (2019 Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award) and many more.

Check out this news segment where we interviewed the owners of these amazing products! One of our favorites was : The Silverite pillow. Each Silverite product is created using natural fabrics and fibers for your ultimate comfort while traveling and at home. Using ground breaking technology, silver has been infused into each Silverite piece for the “Peace of Mind” experience at all times. Silver is nature’s perfectly designed antimicrobial, offering a safe and effective option to enhance the performance of products in a rapidly growing category of “functional fabrics” and the Silverite Global line. Their innovative silver infusion technology blends nature’s antimicrobial power with an emphasis on natural ingredients. Nature is amazing, as are Silverite products.  Below – Margie with the co-founder and creator of the Silverite pillow – Lisa Hill: 

It’s NATURALLY ANTIMICROBIAL, HYPOALLERGENIC, AND DUST-MITE RESISTANT. The Silverite pillow was created with natural and luxurious Kapok, so that it can be PERFECTLY tailed for YOUR specific comfort level. LUXURIOUS  KAPOK FILLING – Kapok is an abundant, natural fiber with THE FEEL OF CASHMERE that allows you to rest peacefully on a CHEMICAL FREE pillow. The kapok filling is sustainable, eco-friendly, and water/pest resistant. SILVER-INFUSED, 100% COTTON PILLOW CASES – Silverite embraces the benefits of SILVER in maintaining a healthy sleep environment through SAFE, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY that infuses silver into 100% cotton pillow cases. ADJUSTABLE FOR YOUR COMFORT – This pillow allows for a self-tailored fit for your Personal Comfort. It is soft yet supportive for a perfect night sleep.  The kapok material that can be easily added or removed to ensure the comfort and support for restful sleep in the years to come.

Many people are unaware of the TOXIC chemicals and materials used in many common pillows can actually make them SICK.  Here are five of the common dangers associated with pillows on the market today: FLAME RETARDANTS – Polyurethane is a commonly utilized substance in FOAM pillows.  According to the Environmental Working Group, plybrominated-diphenyl-ethers are emitted into the atmosphere. FUNGI – In a study (England 2005), samples were taken from a variety of pillows and Aspergillus Fumigates (a fungus) was discovered, which has been associated with worsening allergies, chronic sinusitis, and asthma. DRUG RESISTANCE – A new discovery of a drug-resistant fungi caused by Aspergillus is making it very difficult to eliminate. FORMALDEHYDE – It is commonly know that foam emits a formaldehyde GAS which has been determined as a CARCINOGEN for humans. DOWN – Animal dander has been known for years as a contributor to allergies and ear, nose, throat, and lung challenges.  It is also a perfect host for breeding grounds of FUNGI, BACTERIA, and DUST MITES. For full details go to:

There are so many good Tweets, it’s easy to forget the good ones. That’s why started Framed Tweets—to remember our favorite tweets, forever. It’s really that simple. They don’t just frame Tweets—they make Art, with a capital A. That’s why they use the best quality materials for literally everything they make. At the end of the day, they just want to make your home (or wherever you put your Tweet) look amazing: 

THE MARATHON CLOTHING is a Urban clothing store specializing in bold print T-shirts, hats, sweatpants & accessories. Below Margie is at their display that had MARATHON OG – Premium Cannnabis: 

Eb Beverages is proud to announce it’s launch of Hemp H2o. A new functional beverage infused with hemp extract & alkaline water. It’s the new go to drink for balanced wellness. You can get your bottle today on amazon. Visit our Instagram @hemp_h2o  Our reporter Renee Esebag is a co-owner and reps this great water wellness drink:

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