Entertainment Today and Entertainment & Sports Today TV covers the biggest events in Showbiz – in the world of Movies, TV, Music, and Sports. We also Co-Produce and work on Major Award Shows, Film Festivals, Health and Beauty Events, Business and Technology, Conventions, Concerts, and all types of special events and charity Galas.

For over 30 years since 1992 Entertainment Today and Entertainment & Sports Today TV has been broadcast all over the USA, and overseas by many major Networks, and regional and local broadcast TV Stations. In the USA and overseas we have reporters and broadcast TV news crews that bring you live interviews with the most famous celebrities, at the biggest events around the globe.  

Below are just a few links to shows that we have Co-Produced, or have worked on Ticket, Sponsor, Advertising Sales, and booking celebrity talent to appear at live Gala events across the country. Thanks for watching !  
Producer: Greg Pyatt 

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