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A great (and very hard to get) exclusive interview with Superstar Actor , Movie and Showbiz Icon:  Brad Pitt . In this interview Brad teaches us about movie making , and about the problems he comes across when he is making movies.  Our TV show host : Margie Rey brings out the best in Brad for Entertainment & Sports Today and & Entertainment Today TV.  Our TV show’s reporter : Margie Rey had interviewed Brad a few times before and after;  but this stands out as one of the best interviews that Brad was nice enough to give us. We may not be so lucky enough again to interview Mr. Pitt , since Brad had told Margie recently in a private conversation in a party that : “once he turned 50” he will not be doing many more red carpet interviews ! So enjoy this one  . . . .Image result for Brad Pitt

Brad got his big break when he landed a small recurring role on The Hit TV series Dallas, and in 1989 a part in a teenage-slasher movie, Cutting Class starring opposite Roddy McDowall, marked his big entrance into the world of feature films. 1991 marked the end of Pitt’s obscurity, as it was the year he made his appearance in Thelma & Louise , as the wickedly charming drifter who seduces Geena Davis and then robs her blind. Brad became famous practically overnight !  Then Brad stared in Robert Redford‘s lyrical fly-fishing drama A River Runs Through It (2002), that gave him a much-needed chance to prove that he had talent in addition to physical appeal. Then Pitt appeared in Kalifornia and True Romance (both 1993), two road movies featuring fallen women and violent sociopaths. In 1994 he was cast as the lead of the gorgeously photographed Legends of the Fall , staring with Julia Ormond. That year I and some of our news staff, were very privileged to attend The OSCARS together with Julia Ormond !  As he did in A River Runs Through It, Pitt portrayed a free-spirited, strong-willed brother, but this time had greater opportunity to further develop his enigmatic character. Later that same year, fans watched in anticipation as Pitt exchanged his outdoorsy persona for the brooding, gothic posturing of Anne Rice’s tortured vampire Louis in the film adaptation of Interview With the VampireImage result for Brad Pitt

In 1997, Pitt received a Golden Globe award and an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of a visionary mental patient in Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys. Pitt then did Alan J. Pakula’s The Devil’s Own, in which he starred with fellow movie icon Harrison Ford. In 1998, Pitt tried his hand at romantic drama, portraying Death in Meet Joe Black, the most expensive non-special effects film ever made. Brad continued to do quality work, and in 2015, he starred opposite his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, in her third directorial effort, “By The Sea” , which premiered at The AFI Film Festival By Audi , that we had covered in an earlier story we did, that was filmed live from the Red Carpet at The Chinese Theater in Hollywood:  Related image

“By The Sea” was a romantic drama about a marriage in crisis, based on Angelina’s screenplay. The film was their first collaboration since 2005’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Pitt’s next role came with the biographical comedy-drama The Big Short” which he also produced. The film was a commercial and critical success. It went on to gross over $102 million worldwideand received positive reviews from critics. The film was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, earning Pitt his third Academy Award nomination as producer. In 2016, Pitt starred in the romantic thriller “Allied”  in which he plays a spy assassin who falls in love with a French spy , during a mission to kill a German official in WWII. He then starred “War Machine” – which we had wrote a story on, and it was announced that Pitt will star in the upcoming sequel to “World War Z” , which the release date has not yet been set.

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