Gale Anne Hurd’s documentary, MANKILLER, tonight at the LA Film Festival

Gale Anne Hurd next to painting of Wilma Mankiller at LA Film Festival

This is the story of an American hero.  One who stands tall amongst the likes of Robert Kennedy, Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King, Jr.  Someone who humbly defied the odds and overcame insurmountable obstacles to fight injustice and gave a voice to the voiceless.  And yet few people know her name.  This is the story of an American legend, Wilma Mankiller, who overcame rampant sexism and personal challenges to emerge as the Cherokee Nation’s first female Principal Chief in 1985.  MANKILLER examines the legacy of the formidable Wilma Mankiller (Photo Below) and reunites the documentary team of Gale Anne Hurd and Valerie Red-Horse Mohl for their third and most powerful film.

This film is the passion project of director/producer Valerie Red-Horse (owner/founder of Red-Horse Native Productions, Inc.) and producer Gale Anne Hurd, the “First Lady of Sci-Fi.” Although Gale is best known as the producer of iconic science fiction including THE TERMINATOR trilogy, ALIENS, and AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD, she previously produced two documentaries directed and produced by Valerie – TRUE WHISPERS and NAVAJO CODE TALKERS. Now, she and Valerie are bringing to life the true story of a Cherokee leader who possessed the same heroic traits as Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor. Both Valerie and Gale are passionate about Wilma’s (Photo Below) story and have joined forces with their friends and colleagues to share it with the world. Untitled.jpg

As a child, Wilma’s family was relocated from Oklahoma to San Francisco, and although the move was traumatic, it was in the Bay Area during the turbulent 1960s that she became involved in the fight for civil rights and joined the Alcatraz Occupation. Wilma brought this passion back to her people where she was re-elected for three terms to serve as the Cherokee’s highest leader laying important foundations for the current Nation’s economic and cultural status as one of the most successful tribes in America. Although she considered herself a liberal democrat, as Deputy Chief she served under a conservative Republican and was known as a uniter of all people. Wilma launched many cutting edge initiatives that substantially improved living conditions during her tenure, and in 1990 she signed an unprecedented Cherokee Nation self-determination agreement with the federal government, in which the Nation took control of its funding, programs and services from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  IMG_4564-202.jpg

In 1998, recognizing her impressive leadership and achievements, President Bill Clinton awarded her the Medal of Freedom.  A stalwart activist for women’s rights, Wilma Mankiller was cited by the organizers of the January 2017 Women’s March on Washington as one of the most important leaders in America’s movement for equality. And yet, most people still don’t know her name. MANKILLER reminds audiences of the true meaning of servant leadership and serves as a wakeup call to take action for positive change.

After The Movie Premiere at The LA Film Festival at The Culver City Acrlight Theatre , was the after-party with those from the film present , along with actor Michael Rooker , who is now starring in the hit movie – now in theaters : “Guardians of the Galaxy”  as “Yondu“, and whom you may remember him from AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD , and JFK. I talked to him about the slot machine game -Walking Dead – that he is in- when you visit Las Vegas , and other casinos with this popular slot machine. Photo below:  


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