Live: the Concert that Never was: Michael Jackson- This Was IT! The Sony World Concert Tour that never happened due to the untimely death of Michael Jackson!


Watch the legacy of Michael Jackson continue in this amazing live concert tribute to the King of Pop, that was live this last Saturday night from Pala Hotel & Casino Resort near San Diego. This was the concert that never was- the Michael Jackson Sony World Concert Tour – that was going to be one of the biggest concerts in music history- but never happened due to the untimely death of Michael Jackson. Now you can watch the concert with the same song set and arrangements of that lost World Concert Tour! A big band 10-person tribute band performing Michael Jackson’s incredible hits LIVE! This is an opportunity to finally see and hear these songs as they were intended to be performed in the concert that never was. This show focuses on the music, bringing the audience a truly authentic concert experience, with no tracks and no lip syncing. With the same energy as the King of Pop, Christian Robinson (our “Michael”) makes you believe that you’re watching MJ in his prime!  “This Was It” will have you dancing, smiling, and mesmerized throughout the performance.  You won’t want to miss “This Was It!” that you can see on this show.

“This Was It” is a takeoff on “This Is It” – Michael Jackson’s 2009 American documentary film about Michael Jackson’s preparation for This Is it, a series of concerts that were cancelled due to his death in 2009. “This Is It” is also a song that Michael performed. This show was filmed live from the 1st row center – right in front of the stage- in the VIP seats: using a 2 camera shot, so that you will feel like you are right there live at the concert- sitting in the best seats in the house- but actually that is an understatement – you will feel like you are watching Michael Jackson right in your own living room! It was a real pleasure meeting this “Michael Jackson” in the VIP meet & greet, and getting a photo opportunity with him: He was so nice, humble, and thankful when I told him that he was able to perform the exact same almost impossible dance moves exactly the same way as the legendary Michael Jackson used to be able to make when he used to perform: I was able to share a few of my special memories when I talked to him about when I was lucky enough to meet the actual legendary Michael Jackson throughout the years at the Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, and interviewing him for our TV show: Entertainment Today at a charity gala: the Lupus Foundation. Michael was always so very kind, as was his whole family- like when I meet all of the Jackson brothers at their concert for Monster Cable for the CES convention in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood; and especially when I meet Janet Jackson at the Caesars Palace Coliseum in Las Vegas for her concert, and at the Academy Awards Governor’s Ball when she was wearing a very special necklace that was given to her to wear at the Oscars, that was worth over 3 million dollars, which you can see in the below photo; and if you look carefully in the background you can see Oscar winning Actress: Nicole Kidman in the left of the photo- behind my shoulder, and directly behind Janet’s head you can see Nicole’s 3 time Golden Globe Winning husband at the time: Tom Cruise, but only the side of his head:and then at a future event I talked to her about that same necklace when I meet her in her own private Villa Hotel Suite at the Rio Hotel & Casino for a very special private invite only After-Party for the Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas:  We also met at that VIP after-party: the bass singer for the American pop boy band NSYNC: Lance Bass! This and the Oscars were experiences that we will never forget! However my most special memory of Michael Jackson was at his public memorial service at Staples Center on July 7th 2009, after his family had a private funeral. His family gave away about 8000 tickets in a worldwide lottery that had 1.2 Billion entries from people from all over our planet, with people that all wanted to be there in person to see this once in-a-lifetime event, and to pay a final tribute to the King of Pop: Michael Jackson! I was miraculously lucky enough to win 2 tickets to this event, that was literally a one in a billion chance of winning! There was 17,500 people there that day at Staples Center in Los Angeles, to see Michael’s funeral service in person, and 3 billion people across the world that watched it broadcast live on TV, making it the biggest televised memorial service in history! This happened to be the same arena where on June 24th, 2009- Michael Jackson had rehearsed for his world concert tour the day before he died. Michael’s father: Joe Jackson, the City of Los Angeles, and AEG all put together a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime event, with Superstar musical entertainment and A-List speakers, for everyone that was blessed to be there in person! They even gave away to all the ticket holders a one-of-a-kind rare collectible souvenir to remember Michael Jackson by- a beautiful gold book with good words from celebrities and family, and photos from Michael’s amazing career: However, this was a lot more than your usual funeral service with people saying a few words in remembrance of a lost loved one, it was more like a live show and concert! It was a who’s who of family members, friends, and famous celebrities from all walks of life, who were all there in person to pay a final tribute to Michael Jackson with both great speeches and live musical concert performances up on stage!

Right after this show my guest and I were able to join a small handful of people in the green room at Staples Center, for a very special private party, only for the family and closest friends, and celebrities- that served some of Michael’s favorite foods and drinks. I was so surprised and honored when Michael’s sister: La Toya Jackson thanked me for coming, when it was I that was so lucky and happy just to be there! In the morning that day I was in a big hurry to make it there in time, to get through all the security check points, so I cut myself shaving and I had a small spot of blood on my face, and then in this party- Actress Brooke Shields said to me: “let me get that for you ” and wet her finger on her lips and wiped that blood spot off of my face! Brooke was one of the 3 hosts for this memorial service show since she was very close to Michael, and a very good friend who used to date him. This special final event for the King of Pop: Michael Jackson was a special memory that I will always remember! This tribute concert last Saturday brought back a few of those cherished memories that I had of Michael Jackson, and it was an amazing concert to boot! Song List from this tribute concert for the Concert that never was:

  • Man In The Mirror | Michael Jackson
  • Billie Jean | Michael Jackson
  • Smooth Criminal | Michael Jackson
  • Thriller | Michael Jackson
  • Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough | Michael Jackson
  • Beat It | Michael Jackson
  • The Way You Make Me Feel | Michael Jackson
  • PYT | Michael Jackson
  • Black or White | Michael Jackson
  • Bad | Michael Jackson
  • Rock With You | Michael Jackson
  • Medley (I Want You Back, ABC, The Love You Save) | Jackson 5
  • Dirty Diana | Michael Jackson
  • Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ | Michael Jackson
  • Human Nature | Michael Jackson
  • Remember The Time | Michael Jackson
  • Off The Wall | Michael Jackson
  • I Just Can’t Stop Lovin’ You | Michael Jackson
  • Shake Your Body | Michael Jackson
  • Jam | Michael Jackson
  • The Don’t Care About Us | Michael Jackson
  • Heartbreak Hotel | Michael Jackson
  • We Are The World | Michael Jackson
  • Will You Be There | Michael Jackson
  • Working Day and Night | Michael Jackson
  • I’ll Be There | Michael Jackson

This concert was filmed Saturday April 20th @ Pala Hotel & Casino Resort! For tickets to more incredible upcoming concerts go to:


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