Natural Vitality, Rainbow Light, NeoCell, & Renew Life at NPEW 2019


Natural Products Expo West 2019 (NPEW) is the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products event, and is the preeminent show for spotting trends in the food and CPG industry. Entertainment & Sports Today/SPECTRUM, and Entertainment Today TV’s news staff of Margie Rey , Steve Taylor, Nina Ameri, Amy Levy, Chris Owen, and Richard Marcella will be bringing you the latest in health and product news, from the leaders of The Natural Products and Health & Beauty industry in upcoming news stories !

Our news staff will be directly using these products and let you know how well they may work for you, in follow-up news segments. These “New & Hot Products” will change your life for the better!

In this Health & Beauty news show our TV Show Host: Margie Rey has 4 in-depth interviews with the best health experts from 4 major health product companies. It really hit home with Margie when she interviewed Michele Jeannette (Mish) de Pentheny O’Kelly- the Western Training Manager for Renew Life, since they had some amazing products to clean out your body and your colon with their Herbal 3 Day Cleanses, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, and Fish Oil & Fiber Supplements. Margie recently had 2 friends that had died of Colon Cancer, but if they had used some of these products on a regular basis – that may have prevented the Colon Cancer from starting in the first place, and they may have survived, and gone on to live a long and healthy life !

Recently about 20 large health related companies have been bought out by The Clorox Company, which should make all of these companies even bigger than they were, and gain a bigger reach around the world- so that their great health products can help more people ! Margie was able to interview the reps from 4 of these companies at NPEW :

NeoCell, the country’s #1 collagen brand since 1998.

Natural Vitality produces premium and efficacious natural calm products, including Natural Calm Plus Calcium, Whole Life Daily Multi, Natural Kids Calm Multi.

Since 1981 Rainbow Light has been a leader in Food-Based Multivitamins for Men, Woman, Children, Teens, Seniors, and Prenatal Heath.

Renew Life has the Highest Potency Probiotics & highest quality Herbal Cleanses, Digestive Enzymes, Fish Oil & Fiber Supplements on the market. They have the ULTIMATE FLORA PROBIOTIC: Probiotics supplement with 50 billion cultures to support your digestive and immune health; which for DAILY SUPPORT: When taken regularly, Ultimate Flora Probiotic can also help support digestive system balance and relieve occasional digestive discomfort!

The Renew Life 3 day cleanse can reset, refresh, and restore with a 3-Day Cleanse, and is quick, easy-to-use, advanced herbal cleanse and detox formula that works with your body’s natural metabolism to help eliminate waste and toxins, and relieve occasional bloating, water retention and constipation in just 3 days!

Natural Vitality provides premium and efficacious products that have a valid and unique reason for being. Natural Vitality’s mission is not to compete but to fill a need that has not been met or to meet a need that has not yet been recognized. Their objective in producing and marketing products is to make life easier for their customers and help lessen stress in their lives. Their view of health is that all departures from wellness have stress at their root. Their approach is proactive on a product-specific basis but is also more broadly focused through their Calm Earth Project which began in 2007 and through Natural Vitality Publishing which produces educational and lifestyle eBooks and their web-based award-winning Calmful Living magazine which is aimed at inspiring calm, creative & conscious living.

They would define calmfulness as a non-stressed and positive approach to life and living. This includes clarity, focus and personal energy management so that one brings ones “A” game to the party in working and living with others. They express this value in their Living magazine and ebooks from Natural Vitality Publishing.

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