NEW & HOT Products that can change your life : Naturopathic Medicine


On this segment taken from a recent TV broadcast Entertainment & Sports Today/Time Warner’s show Host Margie Rey interviews Dr. Dana Churchill a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, who will teach us about Homeopathic and Holistic, treatments,medicines, and herbs, as part of an on going series of shows on new & hot products that can change your life.

Every month Dr. Churchill will give us overall health tips and medical advice- as part of his “Pearls of Wisdom” series.

Our reporters : Steve Taylor , and Nina Ameri will have updates and reports on future shows on Dr. Churchill, and many other products that can improve your life, and maybe even save your life !
Thanks to our Broadcast News Crew : Richard Marcella and Ken Ronning for filming this TV episode.

If you want more info right now on Dr. Churchills’ treatments,
health products, or to book an appointment, go to:

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