Live From Austin, Texas: SXSW Film Festival Film Review: An Army of Women

SXSW Film Festival Film Review: An Army of Women
  1. The Premiere

The film festival at SXSW is arguably the biggest draw of the massive entertainment event in Austin, TX. While the live music and various conferences are always enjoyable, the television, feature length, and short film premieres are a personal favorite. This year saw the release of a few big-name properties, like the new Netflix TV show, 3 Body Problem, and Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt’s next action film, The Fall Guy. Amid these larger films are a handful of gems that likely won’t make as big a splash at the box office but are well worth your time. An Army of Women is one of those projects, and the story it tells is one that will unfortunately always resonate with its audience.

The Film

An Army of Women is a documentary about three women in Austin, Texas who join forces to tackle the law enforcement that has failed them and allowed their rapists to walk free. Unfortunately, the plight of these women is not uncommon, and this film displays the great lengths and uphill battle that women have to fight through to force change upon a broken system. The film features the three previously mentioned women, as well as the lawyers, district attorney, and council members of Austin, depicting their various roles in the matter.

At 80 minutes, An Army of Women is well worth the time to watch. Director Julie Lunde Lillesæter presents the audience with a provocative story about a triggering topic in a very nuanced yet direct manner.

The Significance

The film is both horrifying and inspiring as the audience is forced to understand both that these heinous acts can often be so easily dismissed, yet the women seeking justice are so strong in their fight against those in power. The women in this film hold shed light on the many women around the country, and the world, who face such indifference in their pursuit of accountability for the horrible violence inflicted upon them.

An Army of Women, just like many documentaries and independent films produced every year, deserves an audience. These projects are truly coming from a place of passion and honesty, and the modern audience would do well to demonstrate that films such as this deserve to be made now and in the future. Go see An Army of Women and all the other films that tell the stories most people might not otherwise see. They are well worth the time and the experience will raise awareness for everyone.

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