Updates on the Coronavirus & Being positive for a better immune system!

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Here are 2 more helpful news stories on the Coronavirus:

Being positive for a better immune system!


By our on-air TV reporter: Bernie Hiller, and the below story from Entertainment & Sports Today’s Producer: Steve Taylor:

Today’s Updates on the Coronavirus:

  1. On our news story: “Think Zinc to fight the Coronavirus by building up your immune system!” by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum , there have been a few more news stories from other News Outlets that also agreed and confirmed with us the value of taking Zinc (50 – 75 mg a day) to strengthen your immune system to fight off the Coronavirus, and taking Zinc in lozenge format. Also other news stories also agreed with us about the great value of taking Vitamins A (up to 2500 mg a day), vitamin C (200 – 500 mg daily), vitamin D (1000 units daily), and Black Elderberry (300 mg a day).
  2. Some reports have came out that say to wash your hands LONGER that the recommended 20 seconds – wash them for up to 2 minutes- go over each finger one by one, and go over every part of your hand, arms, face, and any area of your skin that is exposed. Now that they say the virus is airborne – make sure you cover up your ears and nose– since the virus can also enter your body that way – not just the mouth.
  3.  Clean off with cleaning wipes and/or Sanitizers every object in your home that you touch. The Coronavirus can stay in the air for up to 4 hours, and Scientists now say the virus is detectable: A) for up to 3 hours in aerosols. B) up to 4 hours on copper. C) up to 24 hours on cardboard. D) up to 2 to 3 days on plastic and stainless steel !
  4. Unfortunately there have been deaths reported in the same home, by one family member that had the Coronavirus and then passed it to another family member- even in the very same home ! Everybody has a different body makeup, immune system level, and a different level of overall health- so that they may have a higher chance of catching the virus and then spreading it to a loved one. You never know where that person has been- even just for a moment, or what they may have touched, or where they may have breathed in some bad air- so you must be extra aware of where all of your loved ones have been, and use all of the above precautions in the above paragraph #3. It is now sad to say – that it is NOT a good idea to have any visitors over to your home- due to the higher risk now of them having the virus- with out even knowing it – since they may not have any symptoms – and then bringing it in to you and your family, and/or anyone else living in your home. Of course in reverse the same reasoning applies- try to avoid going out to visit other people. To sum up- only leave your home if you really have to- only for food, drinks, and needed supplies; and if you do have to go outside – wear a mask, gloves, hat, and cloths that cover up all of your body, and speak out if someone stills comes within 6 feet of you. You can check out our story on Masks- that we posted yesterday. For loved ones and friends that do NOT live with you – you can call them on your phone, use the video on your phone or the webcam on your computer so that you can see them, or you can use Facebook Live, or a live podcast to send a live video of yourself out to people. Maybe there is some business where you can work at home, that does NOT need any in person contact – so that in certain areas you make actually take a bad situation and make it into a good one- and make some good money for yourself and your family!
  5. We had run a few stories on how stress can weaken your immune system – so that you have a higher chance of catching the Coronavirus , so that you would not be able to fight it off and get better – which can actually lead to death! Since then there have been many other news stories from other news outlets, doctors, and people that we work with that all have confirmed this fact. Being alone and depressed also has many of the same bad effects on your mind and body as does stress! Stress can be the direct and sole cause of acid reflux, skin problems, inflammation, premature aging, cancer, heart disease, and many other chronic health issues, and can even lead to death! I have already had my own personal problems with stress- so I already knew about all of the above effects from stress- as I learned all of these facts from my own doctors, specialists, health experts, friends, and from health conventions and clinics. In fact today a friend of mine told me that when he gets stressed out- he breaks out with a rash on his skin. Sometimes when I get stress I get heartburn so bad that it feels like a heart attack, and the acid reflux is so bad that I cannot sleep!  Then I get inflammation on certain areas of my skin that actually ruptured and caused me to bleed!  So as they say in sports do NOT “make an unforced error”, meaning do NOT do it to yourself, -do NOT hurt yourself. Do EVERYTHING you can to AVOID STRESSFUL Situations! This way you may actually save your own life and survive this Coronavirus if you catch it. Watch all those movies and TV shows that you have on your TV, read all those books you have at home that you never started to read, do all those chores around the house that you never have time for, and start some project that you always wanted to do- and try and have fun – within the safety of your own home!
  6. Many cases of people catching the Coronavirus, and even deaths are from people breathing in recycled air in enclosed areas such as : Airplanes, Trains, Buses, and buildings. When Central Air is used in the same enclosed areas with many people – you are breathing in the same air from people who may be sick- and you are trapped and forced to breath that bad air for a long period of time! So avoid using any public transportation, and going into public buildings as much as possible, and when you are at your own home- make sure you only use a regular Air Conditioner- that filters air from inside the one room you are in- and pushes it back outside- rather than using air from outside or from another part of the building that has air from other people that make be sick.
  7. And Finally something good: a Uplifting true story– an update on the 2 stories that we did on: “Neil Diamond: Sweet Caroline & Carvel Ice Cream Cake to fight Coronavirus!” A few other news outlets ran an unrelated news story about the songs that people are singing right now to lift up their spirits!  In second place is “I will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. Another of her hit songs is “Never Can Say Goodbye”. Now take a guess on what song is number 1 ? That’s right- you guessed it! Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” is now the #1 most sung song by people wanting to try and lift their spirits- because it makes them so happy!  & all of this started by a few guests at my recent birthday party who sang “Sweet Caroline” to my friend’s 7 year old daughter Caroline. My friend Steve- just happens to own Carvel Ice Cream and he made a cake with the new words on top of the cake, that were written for the new version of “Sweet Caroline” for Neil Diamond’s PSA for the Coronavirus- and Steve sent this cake to Neil’s house in Beverly Hills- that ended up on a national TV news Broadcast on CNN ! So you can check out these amazing stories on our website. These amazing things that came from “Sweet Caroline” keep happening !
  8. & Now some more good- great news: Entertainment & Sports Today TV, and Entertainment Today was invited to promote and help to broadcast live to the world:    “Andrea Bocelli: Live Easter Sunday Concert for Hope to beat Coronavirus!” This will be STREAMING LIVE WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVELY ON YOUTUBE FROM THE DUOMO CATHEDRAL IN MILAN, ITALY ON EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 12.  We are honored to be part of this worldwide historic Live Music Concert Event with a legend of the music world, to lift the spirits of people from around the world during this terrible Coronavirus Epidemic, and we will be providing a link to this live concert to all of our viewers, and anyone else that may want it – for FREE! If you have any questions to view this concert live from your time zone, or if you can’t see it live, and you wish to view it afterwards, you can E-Mail us at:  info@entertainmentandsportstoday.com for complete details. 

For more news stories and updates about the Coronavirus : go to EntertainmentandSportsToday.com  and go to the top of the home page and click on the “HEALTH & BEAUTY” section.  Additional updates can be found by clicking the “Business & Technologies” , and “Entertainment” sections, or just click “Home”. For stories that may uplift your spirits during these trying times go to the “Music” section of our website. If you may have any questions- you can email us at info@entertainmentandsportstoday.com- so we can find you the answers from the doctors and health experts, that have written stories for us, and from the health agencies that have provided information and daily updates for us. & Thanks for watching, and be healthy and safe!

& Now below are the 2 news stories on the Coronavirus from Bernie Hiller:

Being positive for a better immune system!

These anxious times brings an immense amount of stress, worry, and negativity into our lives. However, the most important thing you can do for yourself, to keep yourself  healthy during this crisis, is being “POSITIVE.” 

I know that sounds Pollyanna-ish and it can be difficult, but medical studies have shown, that people who have a more positive attitude and were diagnosed with the influenza virus were more likely to bounce back quicker and fight off it’s dire consequences. Positive emotions allowed for lower levels of chemicals that were associated with the destruction of one’s immunityBeing positive can literally save your life.

The world famous Mayo Clinic says that being optimistic can have a huge effect in reducing cardio vascular diseases, lowering blood pressure and a decrease in heart attacks.
Mental health, such as depression and other issues also saw a decline in positive people. Think about that!

It’s not that optimistic people had their heads in the clouds but that they had better coping mechanisms and were more effective in dealing with stress, traumas and uncertain times in their lives. Of course how you deal with everything will effect your health.

Several years ago in London, I interviewed 108 year old Alice Sommer Herz. It was one of the great highlights of my life. Alice was a Holocaust survivor from the Theresienstadt concentration camp, who survived, she says, because she chose to find the positive of her situation “To look for the good” CLICK HERE  She lived until 112. Her insight to life is something everyone needs to hear! Don’t miss it!

Medically speaking, having a positive attitude leads to a better immune system, and a longer and happier life!  So today, breathe and look around for all the good you have in your life!
In these isolating times remember you are not alone as long as you connect with others. Please email us, we are here to help you.
Love, Bernard


When I first heard the term “social distancing” used during this crisis, I thought it brought to mind the wrong concept. Of course, I understood what they meant to say, stay home and away from others as a way to “flatten the curve.” That’s exactly what we all need to do, but the messaging was not exactly right.

In fact, it is the exact opposite that we must all do. We must be socially closer then ever before. Research has shown that during isolation and quarantine people do poorly emotionally and physically without human connection. 

Humans who were separated from their friends or family often suffered severe consequences. One study showed that social connection is a greater determinant to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure.

Being social provides us with important skills that help us to live our lives. By reaching out to others you will help them overcome this pandemic. 

So please call, text, message or FaceTime people you know and some you may not know so well and bring your joy to let them know, that you will be there for them. Connect by listening, sharing, asking questions and leave them feeling inspired. 

Doing this daily will have a huge effect on their moral to keep going and thriving. The power of love is the key ingredient that keeps us all moving forward.
Knowing someone cares makes all the difference. It is in our DNA that we need people in our lives to survive tragedies and crisis.

“We already have a lot of social distancing prior to this crisis” says Julianne Holt-Lunstad, a health psychologist. A study from the National Academies of Sciences and Medicine reported that nearly a quarter of Americans feel isolated and lonely. 

Since we are apart, touch people with your smiles, your caring and your words. I know that I need that, and so does everyone else.
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Stay healthy and Safe  – Love to hear from you, Bernard

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