Will Forte , Lily Tomlin, & Liev Schreiber @ The Emmy Awards


On this recent repeat TV broadcast segment – Entertainment Today’s show host : Margie Rey takes you right down on the red carpet to interview :
Will Forte the star of The Last Man on Earth , who was nominated for a Lead Actor Emmy Award for this hit comedy series.
Lily Tomlin the star of Grace And Frankie , who was nominated for a Lead Actress Emmy Award for this hit Comedy Series.
Liev Schreiber who plays the leading role as Ray Donovan in the hit Drama Series of the same name, and was nominated for a Lead Actor Emmy Award.
Doing interviews with us on the red carpet , right next to us was #The Ellen Show – so look for some really funny bits !
Our TV host reporter : Margie Rey asks these stars “If there is a #God , what would you like to ask Him or say to Him ? ” ,
which always gets some interesting , entertaining , and funny answers !
For more great interviews from the Emmy Awards , other big events, and TV broadcast segments and shows , go to :
& stay tuned for our exclusive 5 part interview with  President  Donald Trump !


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