Animal House Slot Machine “Shout!” bonus jackpot


In our featured video is the Animal House Slot Machine “Shout!” bonus jackpot that we hit while we were in Las Vegas this last weekend. The Animal House slot machine game is really wild and really fun, and is  based on the hit movie from 1978: “National Lampoon’s Animal House”.

Shout! was sung by Lloyd Williams, and lip synced by Dewayne Jessie in the movie. The name of the band singing it in the movie was Otis Day and The Knights. It was written, of course, by the Isley Brothers. Below: In the Right of the photo: Dewayne Jessie performs “You Make me Wanna Shout” for The Wild Party “Shout” Slot Bonus : Inline image

You can chose to set the slot machine to produce more “Shout” slot bonus jackpots(that this author did), where you win more money during the bonus jackpot video segments, which are from the movie, that star “Otis Day & The Knights” who perform “Shout” (You Make me Wanna) by The Isley Brothers, and is the mother of all Toga! Toga! wild parties ! This movie has since inspired many real life Toga parties in colleges across the country : Inline image

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