Bob Saget Part # 2 -Fuller House & Film Independent Spirit Awards 2017


The 32nd Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards 2017 honoring artist-driven films made with an economy of means by film makers who embody independence and originality was held at Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles , California and attended by many renowned celebrities and artists.

Among them was Bob Saget, the very popular Star of many television shows and also a famous stand up comedian. Entertainment and Sports Today Guest Reporter Kalpana Pandit & Margie Rey interviewed the star of ” Full House” and ” America’s Funniest Home Videos” on the blue carpet and we share with all of you glimpses of the excellent interview.

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Below is a photo from The Fuller House Premiere by Netflix , and next to it is a cast photo from 1987’s Full House original hit TV series.

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You can now see Bob Saget and Candace Cameron Bure in their sequel to “Full House”  on the TV hit show “Fuller House” !

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Kalpana Pandit is an actor/ independent movie producer/ entrepreneur and also a board certified doctor in the United States. She has been a travelling Emergency Room Physician practicing part time in small towns across the United States while she is pursuing her passion of being a part of great movies. Her passion for creativity led her to establish her own production banner " House of Pandit" in 2010 which has since produced a multiple award winning HIV/AIDS awareness film "Jo Jo Laali" and a full fledged Bollywood feature film " Janleva 555" both with medical awareness messages. Jo Jo Laali has won Kalpana two " Best Actress" awards in Indian Film Festivals and a total of 13 awards for the film itself . Kalpana has acted in numerous Bollywood movies , notably " Gajagamini", " Moksha" and " Love Khichdi ". She has travelled far and wide in the capacity of "Guest of Honor" and part of the Jury of various cultural events across America. Currently, her next home production movie of " House of Pandit" Sulige Sikkidaaga " Be fluid as water" which contains the very imperative message of Womens Empowerment and Epilepsy awareness is receiving tremendous applause in film festivals and has already won four awards in International Film Festivals Pandit hopes to continue to make timeless classics on celluloid which entertain the audience across generations with their great stories and also carry excellent messages of awareness for the people.


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