2024’s Biggest & Best Superbowl Party in Las Vegas: Leigh Steinberg’s 37th Annual @ The Ahern Hotel

2024's Biggest & Best Superbowl Party in Las Vegas: Leigh Steinberg's 37th Annual @ The Ahern Hotel with Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

For 36 years and counting, The Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party has been a fixture of Super Bowl weekend, gathering a veritable powerhouse of guests from the industries of sports, technology, entertainment, and health:

Hall of Fame Athletes from the NFL and all other sports, along with A-List celebrities from the world’s of Movies, TV, Music, and Sports are all happy to be invited to this invite only prestigious event!

Held every year on the Saturday afternoon before the Big Game, the event takes advantage of the influential crowd who gather around Super Bowl, and brings that crowd together in an environment designed for networking, relationship building, and the support of philanthropic endeavors.  Leigh creates an experience that allows his guests to truly connect with each other, forge new connections, and explore how they can do better at doing GOOD. In the below photo is Leigh Steinberg with Baseball legend and New York Yankee World Champion: Alex Rodriguez:  Each year’s event sports a unique thematic lens, a new style, and fresh programming based on the host city of the Super Bowl.  But the traditions of the annual event continue to hold strong:

  • The Brain Health Summit

  • The Steinberg DeNicola Humanitarian Awards

  • A spotlight on a selected non-profit organization, with silent auction funds raised to support their cause

  • Thematic social lounges for networking and connection building.

    This year the Ahern Luxury Boutique Hotel is not only the venue, but a premier partner and sponsor for the 37th Annual Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party:   This year’s party will take over the entire Events Center at the Ahern, showcasing the property’s retro-chic but newly renovated environment, state of the art technology, world class culinary offerings, and expansive views of the iconic Las Vegas Strip:In the below photo is Leigh Steinberg with the Pioneer Rapper: LL Cool J in the middle:This YEAR you will have the opportunity to play poker against A-List Celebrities & Athletes: When a poker player declares they are  “all in” – they are laying it all on the line, holding nothing back, and they believe they are poised to succeed.  This phrase is a classic Las Vegas idiom, but also represents the essence of Leigh Steinberg. In the spirit of our host city Las Vegas, and the event theme “ALL IN” – the 2024 party will be home to the first ever Charity Poker Tournament.  Hosted by legendary World Series of Poker Champion, JAMIE GOLD, the tournament will offer guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try their hand against poker champions, NFL greats and celebrities!

    Jamie “transformed table talk and poker play into an art form…his may have been the most dominant performance we will ever see in poker” – says ESPN.  An ambassador of the World Series of Poker and a consummate philanthropist, Jamie has emceed or co-produced 370 major celebrity charity events, raising and donating over $600M for charitable organizations worldwide, drawing players such as Jason Sudeikis, Paul Rudd, Mark Wahlberg, Jon Hamm, Michael Phelps, Bill Clinton, Emmitt Smith, Richard Brandon, Michael J. Fox, Luke Wilson, and many more.

    With 100% of the buy-in proceeds donated to Special Olympics, this non-profit spotlight organization, not only will the tournament embody the spirit of Las Vegas – it will embody the spirit to “do good” which Leigh instills into each and every Super Bowl Party he hosts. Top-tier experiences and prizes to the final table!

    Whether as a trusted agent, a champion for brain health, a mentor to future generations, or a man who purely wants to bring good into the world – Leigh is always ALL IN.  At this year’s Super Bowl party – we celebrate the spirit of Las Vegas – the spark that hope brings, the freedom that comes from having “no limits”, the belief that anything is possible, and the idea that if you go “all in” on what you believe – you can make a difference. In the below photo is Leigh Steinberg with the World Champion Dallas Cowboys Owner: Jerry Jones, and below that is Leigh with the World Champion New England Patriots Owner: Robert Kraft: 
    We all are proud to announce and support the launch of The ICON Hall of Fame at The Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party 2024:  
    The ICON is a first-of-its-kind Pro Football Hall of Fame Organization for Players:  Created by players, controlled by players, and with voting by players only.   Their mission is to give NFL athletes control of their own narrative, to take care of each other as players, and to build that legacy for future generations


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