CHARLIZE THERON stunned the crowd at The 89th Academy Awards.

CHARLIZE THERON at The 2017 Oscars , stuns the crowd !

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CHARLIZE THERON  stunned the crowd as she walked down the red carpet with thousands of flashbulbs going off as photos were being taken of her,  at The 89th Academy Awards, at The Dolby Theater in Hollywood .

Charlize looked great in a Dior dress ! However, the Mad Max actor had a dress with a plunging neckline, that showed so much of her front chest area that Iranian TV had to censor her, and digitally cover her up for their TV broadcast of The Oscars ! Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA) decided to crudely photoshop clothing over Theron, covering her arms, body, and neck, leading to a very bizarre-looking piece of television. The partial area of skin that protruded through the dress was also covered by the network, ILNA using a blurring technique to censor the image. Watch the footage below.

Speaking to The New York Times’ Women in the World, Masih Alinejad – who uploaded the footage to Facebook and is a prominent voice fighting Iran’s compulsory hijab laws – explained how the state-run broadcaster goes to  “absurd” lengths to keep women’s bodies covered.

“This is the Islamic Republic of Iran which forces girls as young as age seven to be covered up,” she told the publication. “While many of us, including Americans, are expressing our opposition to Trump’s Muslim ban, we also have to be louder and clearer about our condemnation of Islamic Republic of Iran’s ban on women who can’t enter Iran without hijab.

“Women from all religions and cultures, many of whom are flogged and imprisoned inside Iran for not wearing ‘proper hijab.’”


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