Dances With Films Festival : “ONE LESS GOD” – intense terrorist thriller !

Inspired by one of the most audacious terrorist attacks in history, ONE LESS GOD  is an amazing – edge of you seat -intense terrorist thriller , that was a big success at its world premiere at the 2017 Dances With Films Festival in Hollywood , at The TCL Chinese Theatre.  In light of recent terrorist attacks and other global political turmoil, this timely film provides a humanist look at global terrorism through the eyes of the victims and the militant fighters.
In 2008, a band of young Islamic militants from Pakistan lands in Mumbai, their primary target, the iconic Taj Mahal hotel. With Indian forces unable to regain control, for 4 days the guests must battle to  survive as the terrorists seek to drive them from hiding. The harrowing events that follow will come to be known as India’s 9/11 and one of the most audacious terrorist attacks in history. Yet more than a tale of monsters and men, this is a story of our shared humanity at the dark crossroads to which we have now stumbled.
                                  AUSTRALIA / 2017 / 132 min  / Color
WRITER/DIR: Lliam Worthington
PRODS: Maren Smith, Joel Hagen, Lliam Worthington, Nelson Lau
CAST: Joseph Mahler Taylor, SukhRaj Deepak, Mihika Rao, Kabir Singh, Kieran Kumar, Nathan Kaye, Martelle Hammer, Reilly O’Byrne-Inglis, Igor Kreyman, Joseph J.U. Taylor, Quentin Yung, Jan Langford-Penny, Nicole Fantl, Philip R.K. John, Nicolas Scot Francois, Rhavin Banda, Kaliopi Eleni .   Below Q & A :   


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