Danny Trejo’s Advice on Being Inspired


“God doesn’t make junk”, Danny Trejo tells us during an interview on the red carpet for Sports Spectacular. Danny “Machete” Trejo explains who and what inspired him and offers some words of wisdom. It’s difficult to imagine that this kind, humble, generous man is the same person who was hooked on drugs by the age of 12, in jail by 15 and eventually at only 23 years old, sentenced to San Quinton Prison. As word spreads of his highly anticipated documentary “Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo” (2018 projected released), we all look forward to hearing the whole story about how Trejo “rose” above it all to become a producer, an award-winning actor, a mentor and owner of several food and restaurant businesses (Including the incredibly addictive Trejo’s Tacos). Danny Trejo is a true star who can teach and inspire us all!

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