President Bill Clinton Surprises Alec Baldwin : premieres July 9th on Spike TV


William Jefferson Clinton who served as the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001, made a surprise appearance Sunday night at New York’s Apollo Theater, shocking the audience and guest of honor Alec Baldwin (Photo Below). The moment capped off an already-unpredictable evening at Spike TV’s “One Night Only: Alec Baldwin,” during which Baldwin’s famous family and friends mercilessly roasted him onstage. A floored Baldwin greeted President Clinton with a hug before Clinton paid a heartfelt tribute, acknowledging the actor’s “astonishing range” — and then pivoting from Baldwin’s professional life to his personal one. Photo below from stage of Alec Baldwin and former President Bill Clinton at One Night Only: Alec Baldwin: AP SPIKE TV'S "ONE NIGHT ONLY: ALEC BALDWIN" A ENT USA NY

“My most enduring memory of all the conversations we ever had is the first time I came to his home for an event, and he told me his story,” Clinton said. “The son of Carol … and his dad, Alexander, who was a high school teacher and the pillar of his community. They taught him — this is what I remember — ‘We didn’t have a lot of money, but they taught me that every person has an obligation to be a good and caring citizen.’ I never forgot it.”  The good-natured tribute was a fitting final touch on a night that highlighted Baldwin’s massive philanthropic efforts as much as his Hollywood career.  Related image

Additionally, ahead of the Independence Day weekend and the premiere of “One Night Only: Alec Baldwin,” Baldwin starred in an exclusive sketch below : 


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