Part 3: Sugar Ray with Mark McGrath show at The Flamingo Las Vegas Pool


Part 3 : Last night The Iconic 90’s rock bang : Sugar Ray and Mark McGrath performed in an amazing special concert at The Flamingo Pool , as part of the summer Night Jam concert series at The Flamingo Go Pool. All the crowd were on their feet and were singing along with all of the big hit songs by Sugar Ray and Mark McGrath , like:  “Fly” ,  “Someday” , “Falls Apart” ,”When It’s Over” ,”Mr. Bartender (It’s So Easy)” , “Is She Really Going Out with Him?”  and “Every Morning” !   Sugar Ray and Mark had a wide range of songs that everyone loved , including a great cover of “You’re Unbelievable”, that Mark sang for over 5 minutes ! Everyone had a very special good time,  even after many in the crowd had to wait over an hour to get in – it was well worth the wait!   Earlier in the day there was still a great pool party going on with DJs and great music , dancing , a fun water slide, and people knocking beach balls around the tropical style pool. This may just turn out to be the party of the summer ! See below billboard :

The day before at the pool party hosted by Brian Thomas and Mark , I was very lucky to talk to Mark at the backstage VIP area of The Flamingo Pool , about when we interviewed him on our TV show- Entertainment Today,  at The Billboard Music Awards – to which he said “Yea  . . I remember that  . . . that was the best day of my life  . . .  thanks for coming by !  . . ” . Photo below : 
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