Entertainment Today TV Promo


The 2017 Entertainment Today TV Promo with: Entertainment, Celebrity, Movies, Talent, Production, Direction, Cast, Actors, Musicians , Music, DVD, CD, Film Festival, Fashion, and TV news. By Segment Producer : Denise Bohdan, and News Staff : Margie Rey, Greg Pyatt, Garry Parmett, Kristal Hart, Chris Owen, Sophia Parker, Jaden Benenfeld, Roger Lim, Jay Henslee, William Temple, Sandeep Reen, Kalpana Pandit, and Melanie Murphy , and Camera Crew, ENG, and Tech staff : Richard Marcella, Marcel Strickler, Steve Winnick, James Brattoli, Jackie Murphy, Linda Garcia, and Ken Ronning. Overseas Producers : Frans Billen, Denise Bohdan, News Staff : Pat Gehousse, Mirella Marce, Ace Lecktenstein, Jon Putts, and Frank Rangal.



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