Esai Morales at the Secret Room Golden Globe Gift Lounge


Yesterday Secret Room Events sponsored an amazing gift lounge for the Golden Globe Awards in Century City, with many celebrities and some of this years Golden Globe nominees, some of whom may go on to win the Oscar and many other awards during this awards season!

In this video news segment our Entertainment Today news reporter: Margie Rey– takes you on an exclusive tour inside this amazing gift lounge for the Golden Globe Awards, where you will get to see all the amazing high-end gifts and products that the stars get, and then take home with them, and then go to the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday ! Margie will be interviewing all of the companies that had booths at this gift lounge, to give you more in-depth knowledge on how these products may change your life for the better!

In our featured photo (and below) you can see our news team with Actor Esai Morales (2nd from left), and on the extreme right of the photo: Bob Greska the CEO and Scientist of Carbon-60: an amazing new product- that you have a few drops a day of this liquid that gives you more energy right away! It helps with recovery support, is a super antioxidant, and is great for detoxification and clarity of mind! For details go to:

Other amazing products were:  Relaxium (below photo) that calms you to give you great sleep, and great make-it-yourself rings from Ten Degrees Inc Jewelry (Photo below that), and some great health and wellness products, and energy bars and liquid supplements from Pure Trim (The bottom photo):

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The media and celebrities who were lucky enough to score an invite to experience this lavish event, were provided luxurious services ranging from massages, Eye Lashes, Teeth whitening, Botox, fillers & nails, Beverly Hills Tennis Academy – tennis gift certificates, DOM Family Brands: évolur juvenile furniture concepts, strollers, nursery/children’s room rugs:, Splenda Stevia 100% Natural zero calorie sweetener, Dionis Goat Milk hand-made products to nourish your skin, while keeping you moisturized, High end Diamond jewelry, hip and trendy baby and pet products, and luxurious skin and hair care products. For everyone that was here, this was a total pampering experience, that had some of today’s most unique, fashionable and luxurious companies, products and services.

One of the most valuable health related products that we saw was The A Method®, that was created based on Dr. Tina Alster’s extensive research and clinical experience in aesthetic dermatology. The products included in the line contain scientifically-proven ingredients at optimal concentrations to deliver visible skin improvement.

The following sponsors had a table at this gift lounge to display their amazing brands:

  • Évolur
  • The A Method®
  • Dionis™
  • Rock Star Kids Beverly Hills
  • C-60
  • Doctors Best Vitamins
  • Philly original Jimmy’s Milan salad dressing
  • D-pro High Protein meal Bars
  • Nurse Hatty
  • Cognitive Clarity Inc.
  • Exuviance
  • Jimmyjane
  • ChildLife Essentials
  • Lumene
  • ANNE AMIE Vineyards
  • We The People Hemp
  • Delightfully Delicious Dog Treats
  • Medispa Naturals
  • Immaculate Minerals
  • Hanalei Company
  • RevealU Skincare
  • KatherineHelena
  • Vitolo Jewelry Artisans
  • Chocxo Chocolatier
  • Sunday Diamond
  • Slinky
  • Próspero Tequila/Conecuh Brands
  • Humm Kombucha
  • Pepto Bismol
  • Bare Snacks(
  • Mizzie The Kangaroo (Exclusive First)
  • Fly Barbershop
  • Wise Women Botanicals
  • John Paul Pet
  • Serendipity candle Factory
  • Olympia Le-Tan
  • http://www.LYNNLIANA.COM
  • Curology
  • Hint water
  • Olita
  • Goodwipes
  • Justins
  • Original Poopknife
  • plus One
  • SCORE! Game Day Bag
  • Poco Pets
  • Kawi cosmetics
  • McClure’s Pickles
  • Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds
  • Lonolife Bone Broth
  • HAVEN Children
  • YMAG
  • John Boos & CO (BOOS BLOCK)
  • TBH Kids
  • Legacy Wellness Lounge
  • Love good Fats
  • Contender Brands
  • Crisscross Intimates
  • HempLand USA
  • Liquid –iv
  • H2rOse, LLC
  • Paws N Claws Couture
  • UltraViolet Advanced Skincare

Secret Room Events produces exclusive gift lounges and gift bags surrounding major awards shows. Secret Room Events was voted top gift suite by Huffington Post, featured in the LA Times, Washington Post, Access Hollywood, E!, OK!, HGTV, and many more.


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