Exclusive VIP Golden Globe Awards After-Party by Amazon


We invite you to go behind the scenes to an exclusive VIP Golden Globe Awards After-Party put on by Amazon to honor their Movies and TV shows. The party was on the 8th floor – The Starlight ballroom , of The Beverly Hilton Hotel – the former location for many years – of where Paramount Pictures would hold their Golden Globe Party.

It was an amazing party that went latter than any of the other 6 parties, that were all held on the hotel’s property after The Golden Globes are over. There was live entertainment and music by Grammy  Winning “Roots” , and some great DJs -that got the invite only VIPs going, – dancing the night away – all having a great time !

There was great gourmet food , champagne and drinks , that many of the A- list stars of showbiz enjoyed. Bradley Whitford of The West Wing was “cutting a rug” on the dance floor- and loving it.  We got to spend some time with him , and SNL – Saturday Night Live star : Seth Meyers – who is always a riot in his role as the news anchor on the hit TV show. It was the best party there that night , along with the NBC- Universal -E – Focus Features party , and will be a party that most people that were lucky enough to be there – will never forget !




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