Grammy DPA Music Lounge with Grammy Winners: The Blind Boys of Alabama


On this show let our TV Show Host and news reporter Margie Rey- take you on an exclusive tour inside the DPA and Nathalie Dubois Luxury Style Retreat for a 2 Day Pre- Awards presentation for the Grammy Awards, at the Brentwood Suites at the Luxe Sunset Blvd. Hotel in Westwood. You will get to see all the amazing high-end gifts and products that the stars get, and then take home with them, and then go to the Grammy Awards on Sunday ! On this show Margie, along with Doug Nolan- will take you to every booth in this gift lounge – so that you will learn a lot!Margie had a great in-depth interview with The Blind Boys of Alabama, (see above and below photos) who are nominated for 3 Grammy Awards at tomorrow’s Live Grammy Telecast, and you can enjoy that interview on this show. The Blind Boys of Alabama, also billed as The Five Blind Boys of Alabama, and Clarence Fountain and the Blind Boys of Alabama, is an American gospel group. The group was founded in 1939 in Talladega, Alabama, and has featured a changing roster of musicians over its history, the majority of whom are or were vision impaired:

The DPA Music Lounge, in honor of the 2024 Grammys, a new gift suite by Nathalie Dubois, will be located at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel. Dubois herself carefully sourced all the brands for the firm DPA (owner of, and the suite, as usual, will have a very international and upscale flair.


DPA Japan (DPA’s Asian office in Tokyo, Japan) booked two very upscale Japanese Brands: Dr Mari Sakai is returning with Sakai Clinic 62 and very innovative Japanese techniques and products promoting skin regeneration and rejuvenation. On this show Margie does a detailed interview- that you will learn a lot about better skin care:  I’m La Floria is a “friendly to the skin” brand, using natural ingredients as much as possible. The two CEOs are well known in Japan as pioneers of femcare. You will find Yves Piaget rose, sandalwood, and hyacinth in the luxurious body care line. The brand is also “friendly to the environment,” which is, these days, a big plus. 

Only every ten years do you have the chance to encounter the path of a fabulous new couture designer: Fashion Drug by Anahit Ghazaryan is the new favorite of DPA. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, the couture evening gowns have a feel of Schiaparelli:A selection of pieces will be presented to the DPA guests for the ones who want to experience unique designs and avant-garde style and create an unforgettable, timeless fashion statement for any award show. To order yours now go to Swiss DeMarquet, Kenyan The Label Saba, LA’s The Naughty Girl store, and in the below photo Margie interviews: Santa Barbara’s Hide and Stone jewelry (back with a permanent jewelry bar) will be present with exquisite and unique wearable products. Guests might find a unique item to wear on the red carpet that weekend, from bags to jewelry to outfits: 

The beauty brands will be unique and led by Canadian vegan make-up brand Dioné Cosmetics, which Margie will share with you a GREAT LEARNING EXPERIENCE ON THIS SHOW:Dion Michaels Skin Care for Men, PYP by celebrity makeup artist Derrick Rutledge (and its famous “Aura Glow”) will all have very coveted gift bags.Brow Essence and threading specialist Dani Howell will also be on-site to give a fresh look to the guests’ eyebrows.  

DPA will promote Sadhguru’s nonprofit organization, Isha Foundation, which is dedicated to raising human consciousness (WHO YOU CAN SEE IN OUR FEATURED PHOTO) You can learn more about them by going to: or, and conscious, and

Selected nominees could also leave with a stay at The Greenhouse in Iceland or at le Taha’a by Pearl Resorts in French Polynesia, just five minutes from Bora Bora. One of the most unique companies in the DPA suite will be IHeartDomains, your go-to source for web3 domain content, news and ALPHA: 

The remaining brands represented in the suite or gift bags are Ratatouille Catering- which we loved to eat! For your next catering event go to:

Delices de Klody, Lily’s Chilies, Love 2 Connect, Oshri Hakak, Flor de Caña Rum, Giovanissa De Luca Real Estate, The Well Water, Brio Water, Girlactik, Jessica Cosmetics, CandleYan, My Style Candles (DIY Candles), Autour Candles, and below one of the finest candles: Topo Chico, Truth in hand, You Need This Churro, Food Should Taste Good, From The Ground Up Snacks, “Box On The Rocks” from Ignite Creative Services, Sunny Blue which served us some delicious and nutritious meals, as you will see on this show, and Perduret from Pearsons Winery:

About DPA and Nathalie Dubois: A veteran in producing star-studded events, Nathalie Dubois, CEO of DPA, has proven exceptionally innovative and thriving in celebrity gift suites. Originally from France, Nathalie Dubois partly attributes her success to her world travels and the exotic cultural influences of the products she picks for her unique gift suites. DPA typically runs luxurious and spectacular gifting suites in LA during the weeks of various award shows, but it also can be seen in the biggest film festivals such as Cannes, Venice, or Toronto. A few years ago, Nathalie Dubois and DPA produced the official Billboard Music Awards DPA gift suite, backstage at the Billboard Music Awards and the UPS AMAS gift suite as well, backstage at the American Music Awards for Dick Clark Productions. Two years ago, DPA teamed up with Circa Resort, Casino, and Barry’s Downtown Prime and hosted The DPA pre-Grammys drive-up in Las Vegas. 90 % of the event’s attendees were Grammys ‘nominees, and the media also covered the event well, a massive success for DPA. Right towards the front of this amazing gift lounge – music was provided by this publisher of Children’s books: ButterflyOn Books- who we interviewed on our show:

PAST ATTENDEES OF DPA GIFTING LOUNGES: Queen Latifah, Susan Sarandon, Charlize Theron, Richard Gere, Sharon Stone, 50 Cent, Mary J Blige, Angela Basset, Rachel Bilson, Eva Longoria Parker, Morgan Freeman, Terrance Howard, Catherine Deneuve, Spike Lee, Vanessa Williams, Kate Walsh, Paula Abdul, Eric Roberts, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Hudson, Scarlet Johansson, Edie Falco, Vanessa Williams, Terry O’Quinn, Simon Baker, Jane Lynch, Wyclef Jean, Felicity Huffman, Adrien Brody, Colin Firth, Carey Mulligan, Viola Davis,

Sharon Stone, Jeffrey Wright.


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