The Conferences of SXSW 2024

The Conferences of SXSW 2024

March 8th is both too close and too far away. This year’s South by Southwest Conference and Festival is rapidly approaching and it looks to be quite the event. The week-long celebration of film, music, food, technology, and all manner of entertainment draws people from all over the world to Austin, Texas in search of a memorable experience. Since 1987, SXSW has delivered some truly fantastic moments.

SXSW premieres include some of the biggest hits over the last few decades, including films such as Baby Driver and The Disaster Artist, as well as television shows like Dear White People and American Gods. There are also several musical acts to have made a lasting impression, like Mumford and Sons, Lil Wayne, Tyler the Creator, The Foo Fighters, and Janelle Monae. The festival brings out the most innovative and passionate creative talent the world has to offer.

Outside of the Film and TV premieres and musical acts, SXSW is also a large gathering of conferences that discuss important issues from all facets of life. This year is proving to be no exception. There will be two dozen individual conferences talking about themes such as transportation, sports, and music careers. Here is a list of five of the most anticipated conferences coming up this year:

  1. Game Industry – Arguably the most dominant entertainment medium today. This conference will span March 10-12 and will focus on how traditional media and music content is giving way to the game industry.
  2. Food – With the population’s ever-growing awareness of how consumption affects us, this festival, spanning March 8-10, will look at how new technology and innovation are going to be changing the way food is consumed and experienced in a more sustainable future.
  3. 2050 – That year is not too far off. The March 8-12 conference will discuss big-picture ideas revolving around space exploration, neurotech, and quantum discoveries.
  4. XR – Following the big release of Apple’s Vision Pro, virtual and augmented reality looks like it will continue to grow. From March 10-12, this conference will discuss other breakthroughs.
  5. Artificial Intelligence – Love it or not, AI is here, and it is not going anywhere. This conference will run from March 11-15 and explore the development and predicted future of this soon-to-be omnipresent technology.

There will be more than enough to see this year, and scheduling is key when trying to navigate everything SXSW has to offer. Between the premieres, live performances, and conferences, you have to always remember to save room for some of the best BBQ in the world and visit the sites and sounds of downtown. March 8 cannot come fast enough.


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