Happy New Year 2024 From All of Us to All of You from Caesars Palace Las Vegas!

Happy New Year 2024 From All of Us to All of You from Caesars Palace Las Vegas!

From All of us to ALL of you – we like to wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2024!!!!

  • A few of us were lucky enough to spend Christmas & New Years in Las Vegas at the biggest and best buffet in the world: Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet, which is an epic feast with 600 items of gourmet and exotic foods from all around the world – “from the 4 corners of the earth!” It is very hard to get into this Buffet since it is always sold out- even with the most expensive price of any other Buffet- people are still happy to pay it so that they can have this great buffet experience! A reservation helps, but on any Holiday it is still a 2 hour wait, with lines going all the way back into the casino, and then another line to pay the cashier, and then another long line to wait for a table. So with the Caesars Entertainment VIP Seven Stars(As I am holding the sign in the above photo) & Diamond Plus Card we never had to wait- we went right to the front of the line- with the VIP Diamond Entrance:  then straight to the cashier to get our Comp buffets, then they walked us right to our table- within 2 minutes we were seated and ready to eat – on Christmas Day!, and on New Years they got us in within 1 minute!  If you get a chance to visit there- they will have the best quality of food you ever ate- no matter what types of food you like, and some that you may never even had before:

The Master Chefs serve the finest quality foods and deserts- so it is just like going to 20 5-star gourmet restaurants in one day! We get to know the chefs overs the years, so we are given impeccable VIP service: 

In fact 1 of the Chefs brought over to my table a giant Turkey Drumstick & thigh, and then took the photo of us eating it: 

They have 2 types of Lobster, and 4 kinds of Crabs legs:  and The Alaskan King Crab legs are the biggest and best anywhere, and are better than any other 5-star Restaurant! In the photo you can see one crab leg that is about 2 feet long, and the crab meat is about 2 inches thick: 

Just a few of the Fish items include Lobster Claws, the most gigantic Jumbo Shrimp you ever saw, Jonas Crab, Snow Crabs, Alaskan King Crab Legs, imported Caviar at $200 an ounce!  Sea Snails Escargot, Octopus, Salmon, Seabass, Cod, White Fish, Catfish, and Peking Duck!

They have tables overlooking their beautiful pool, which those in “the in” refer to as an “Ocean View” as I am holding up a whole buffet serving platter of 3 full racks of Big Beef BBQ Ribs that one of our favorite chefs: Marvin – custom cooked just for us- which is not available to other guests- now that’s what you call the VIP treatment! It was with my very good friend: Ray – that we both first meet Marvin together many years ago, who has become a friend to us, and goes out of his way to serve us something very special, as in the below photo, and again for New Years 2024 (3rd photo from the top) So I like to dedicate this story to Ray – who did over 400 movies and TV shows as a stuntman.  Marvin cuts out the whole side of the cow to cook and serve us 3 full slabs of beef, where the quality of the ribs are better than any other 5-Star gourmet restaurant, as you can see in the below photos: 

In the above photo I am with my friends in the center of the table holding up the VIP Seven Stars Sign and biting into a slab of Big Beef Ribs that our friend and Master Chef: Marvin – just cooked special for us for New Years 2024! In the meat section at the Caesars Palace Buffet they have over 20 types of gourmet meats- that are the same quality as any gourmet steak house! They have the most most amazing cuts of the finest meats: chef custom ordered Beef Ribs – the biggest you ever seen, Tri-Tip Steak, Brisket of Beef, Prime Rib, Pork Chops, Pineapple Honey Glazed Ham, Whole Roasted Pig, London Broil, Ribeye Steak, Bone Narrow, Lamb Shanks, St. Louis Ribs, Rotisserie Chicken, USDA Prime Beef Tenderloin, Turkey with offerings of the drumsticks, delectable Sausages, Montana Steak, Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles, Japanese Wagyu Beef Hotdogs, and 18-day aged Steamship Wagyu Beef imported from Kobe, Japan, that extra special care is given to Japanese Black Cattle, to give the most discriminating food critic an amazing 5 star eating experience! This exact same beef normally sells in restaurants and online for well over $150 a pound! This steak is fragrant, tender, and will melt-in-your-mouth, and this Wagyu beef will have you coming back for more!

The list is too long to write out so suffice it to say they have great Italian, Asian, Greek, Mediterranean, American, French, and South of the Border food, in a newly remodeled, and expanded 25,000 square foot buffet area, next to the pool at Caesars Palace.

They have amazing tropical drinks, and the desserts are “to die for” as Barbara Streisand would say. The cakes, pies, candy, and crepes cannot be topped! Try the “Death by Chocolate” Cupcakes, and the amazing gourmet ice creams they have that are better than the most expensive ice cream you can buy anywhere- it’s 10 times better than Hagen Das!

The best place to go to celebrate New Years Eve, and to view the best Fireworks shows in the world is right down on the street on the middle of the iconic Las Vegas Strip and Flamingo Blvd– in front of Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino and the new Horseshoe Hotel & Casino, where you can actually watch 6 amazing fireworks shows all at the same time from the same spot, from The Cosmopolitan, Treasure Island, The Link High Roller Ferris Wheel area, The Bellagio Water Show, The Paris Casino Eiffel Tower that turns different colors synced to the fireworks, and the biggest and best of them all: fireworks shooting out of Caesars Palace: 

Caesars Palace always has a beautiful lobby for Christmas: 

The 550 foot high: High Roller Ferris Wheel, gives you an amazing view of all of Las Vegas, and is hosted by TV Entertainment Host: Mario Lopez: 

From this High Roller Ferris Wheel, you can now see Las Vegas’s newest attraction: The Sphere- which is like a giant planet just landed on earth- right in Vegas by the Ferris Wheel: 

I learned from my Casino Host to recommend to you: to get there about 15 minutes before the sunset, so you can get complete daytime and nighttime views, as in the above photo you can see the very start of this beautiful sunset, and the moon which is white and in upper-right, with great detailed daytime views of all the hotel casinos, and then watch the complete sunset, and then see all the beautiful lights as it gets pitch dark!

In the photo it shows the new show at the Sphere “Postcard from Earth” which we can see from our hotel room, along with the High Roller Ferris Wheel, and the hotel casinos down the Las Vegas Strip:  along with a beautiful reality video view(taken from NASA’s Voyager 1) of our furthest planet in our solar system(which now has been updated to being part of our neighboring solar system- but not ours): Pluto – as you can see in the photo is 617 million kilometers (KM) from our planet Earth: On the outside of this Sphere- from looking out from our hotel window we were able to see some great video and photos from this show, and a beautiful shot of our planet Earth, and in this video you can see the whole Earth rotating on it’s axis, with the moon rotating around the Earth:

 For the Christmas Holidays they had a video running of Santa Claus in his sleigh with his Reindeer led by Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, flying around our planet Earth- where you can see Rudolph’s red nose:    Right underneath the casino at the Horseshoe is another great attraction in Las Vegas:   The Twilight Zone Miniature Golf Attraction- By Monster Mini Golf, which is based on the original 1960s hit Sci-Fi-Mystery-Fantasy hit TV series: The Twilight Zone:  with complete TV episodes running on TV screens on the walls, with a host DJ playing songs from that era, along with fascinating trivia from the Twilight Zone:

So from All of us to ALL of you – we like to wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2024!!!!  


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