Tallest Ferris Wheel in The World ! – The High Roller Wheel in Las Vegas


Recently we did a news segment on “The High Roller Wheel : 550 Feet High” – The Largest Ferris wheel in the world – now in Las Vegas at The LINQ – at a area VERY SIMILAR TO UNIVERSAL’S CITY WALK called “The High Roller Wheel” – which is a world record setting 550 FEET HIGH ! Now we like to share with you a follow story on The High Roller Wheel at NIGHT. It has an amazing view at night where you can see all of the great lights ,Hotels, Casinos, and famous landmarks throughout all of Las Vegas .

The passenger cabins (or capsules) are mounted on the wheel’s outboard rim and are individually rotated by electric motors to smoothly maintain a horizontal cabin floor throughout each full rotation. Preliminary designs anticipated 32 passenger cabins, each with a 40-passenger capacity —with the final design accommodating 28 40-person cabins and a total capacity of 1,120 passengers. 

Each 225-square-foot (20.9 m2) cabin weighs approximately 44,000 ponds (20,000 kg), has a diameter of 22 feet (6.7 m), includes 300 square feet (28 m2) of glass, and is equipped with eight flat-screen televisions and an iPod dock.

At night the wheel is illuminated by a 2,000-LED system which can display a single solid color, differently colored sections, multiple colors moving around the rim, and custom displays for special events and holidays.

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