LA MARATHON from the front of the pack – from the lead photo truck !


Join Entertainment & Sports Today / Time Warner as they film the LA MARATHON from the front of the pack – from the lead photo truck. Show producer and former world class runner Steve Taylor is your “leader of the pack” , as he takes you on a 26.2 mile roller coaster ride through the streets of Los Angeles, leading the parade of 24,000 runners from the USA and all over the world. This is an exhilarating & uplifting,- once in a lifetime experience, where you will be on a tour of the famous landmarks- from the Starting Line at LA DODGER STADIUM, all the way to the Pacific Ocean- where the finish line is- in Santa Monica.
Part 2 will be coming up in the next episode, – with the finish of this exciting race, and a talk with the winners.
In Part 3 we will talk about health products,supplements,organics,natural foods,vitamins,drinks,low carbs,running shoes, and all kinds of health & fitness products,- that will improve your life ! This was taken from interviews from :
FIT EXPO LA – JAN. 19 & 20th ;
Natural Products Expo West – March 8th through the 10th ;
The LA MARATHON Health & Fitness Expo.
For more information on these companies, and health related products, or any other questions, – you can E-Mail us direct at : , or go to :
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