New & Hot Health Products that can improve your life ! (132)


Learn about some great NEW & HOT HEALTH PRODUCTS that can improve your life, as you join ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS TODAY at the FIT EXPO LA,NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO WEST,and the LA MARATHON & HEALTH & FITNESS EXPO.
WE HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH SOCCER LEGEND PELE’ – in a rare US appearance. Then Sandra Bullock talks sports with us.

In this series of National Broadcast TV Health Specials, our Health & Fitness Reporters : Margie Rey, Steve Taylor , Nina Ameri, and Broadcast News Team : Richard Marcella, & Ken Ronning , will do interviews with health experts to learn about : an amazing health supplement drink- Macro Greens and Miracle Reds, a great tasting and very healthy juice drink – POM WONDERFUL, and a very powerful organic cleaner -“Naturally It’s Clean” ,- that will clean all parts of your home like never before !

WE have a look back at the LA MARATHON where our 2 reporters also coached and sponsored the winning runner from Kenya, and then they talk about CARBS- which leads into our next interview done by Steve Taylor who learns about an amazing company: “VIVA LOW CARB SUPERSTORE” that has over 1400 Sugar Free, Diabetic,and LOW CARB Products !
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