Oscar Nominees Awarded Amazing Gift Bags by Fashion Drug by Anahit in Beverly Hills, By DPA!


Many of the Oscar Nominees were awarded amazing Gift Bags by Fashion Drug by Anahit boutique designs at 9633 Brighton Way, in Beverly Hills. The Gift Bag was a site to behold, and had so many fabulous gifts inside that the invited Oscar Nominees, Actors, Celebrities, Studio Execs, VIPs, and our news team were all very happy to receive:  The Oscar Nominees and celebrities who were there were:  Nominee and Director Four Daugther- Kaouther Benhania and her new bag:

Shaun Toub the star on Appleshow’s “Teheran”:  Alisha Gaddis, actress, Alix Angelis, JLO, Antoine de Caune (big french star and host) + Didier Allouche (mc oscars french tv) Canal Plus (french tv),  Ashley Versher, seen in JLO, Ashra Kelly Blue, Golda Nom, Blanca Blanco, actress influencer, cast of “This is Me Now” (JLO documentary): Brandon Delsid—actor- *seen in Jennifer Lopez’s “This is Me Now” on amazon prime (Feb 2024), Cast of “This is Me Now”  (JLO doc) with Designer Anahit:  Norlyk, Knight of Fortune nominee, Christine Vachon nominee Past Lives Producer +Guthrie Mccarty Vachon,  Danielle Larracuante, JLO, Elina Fuhrman, mom of Isabelle Fuhrman, costar Kevin Costner (film horizon),  Helen Medrano, Prodocer: Oppenheimer, nominee,  Ilker Catak, director german film nominated foreign film “The Teachers’ Lounge” (1 bag plus ½),  Jillian Dion , actress “Killers of the Flowers Moon” (film nom) John Savage,  Kaouther Ben Hamia + Nadim producer, nominees best doc “4 daughters”, Karen Hartley Thomas, Golda nom, Kim Magnusson: Nominee “Short Knight of Fortune”- Kim Magnusson Nominee with his wife and Anahit:  Kirk and Joni Bovill (Bosch), Kristos Andrew , The Bay, Lasse Lyskjaernoer, nominee Knight of Fortune, Lisa Katrina Mayer (went to german oscars party saturday), Maite Alberdi, The Eternal Memory, nominee best documentary, Mckenzi Brooke, influencer, Melora Hardin, The Office actress, Michael Barker, co-president Sony Classics, and Lisa Mychal +mom, Nathalie Burn, Till Death do us Part – opposite Jason Patrik, Nicky Bentham, nominee direct best live short “The After,” Nina Podowska + mom, Nora Felder , soundtrack Stranger Things, Pamela Koffler nom Past Lives – Producer nominee, Rena Ronson, agent uta,  Samuel Caron + Vincent Rene Lortie- Film Invincible, nom best live short, Suzi Battersby, Golda nom,  Telvin Griffin, Ruthless, was in Babylon ,(guest not gifted), CEO SONY CLASSICS: Tom Bernard:  Nominee: Vahan Yepreyan, Ferrari Producer and new film (+1?), and Viola Davis’s husband Producer Julius Tennon.

Nathalie Dubois and DPA hosted during the week of the Oscars, “the DPA Pre-Oscars event at Fashion Drug by Anahit “The event introduced Oscar’s nominees and DPA guests to the world of Anahit Ghazaryan. Anahit Ghazaryan, Founder and Creative director, is an Armenian designer who founded the Fashion Drug brand, which displays Armenian products, and fabulous handmade couture designs, for strong and confident women. The invited guests while sipping Perduret champagne, discovered pieces available for any red-carpet needs, and borrowed a unique attire for the Oscars’ red carpet and will choose a unique designer brooch to take home. Selected actresses also picked up a new De Marquet clutch to walk the Oscars red carpet on Sunday.

DPA and Nathalie Dubois experts in gift lounges, compiled a great gift bag for the attendees. The brands represented in the DPA gift bags are Rule Cosmeceuticals, Oshri Hakak books, Kings of Prohibition wines, Vincenzo Spinnato, Hypnomagnetism, Élevé Water, Blumenes, Fly by Jing, Giovanissa De Luca Real Estate, Ere Perez cosmetics, Augustinus Bader, Edna’s Coffee, Beach Sandy, Jessica Cosmetics, Girlactik Beauty, Impo International shoes, Curifly, Apricoty, Nocco energy drink, and Barebells.

Designer, stylist Anahit Ghazaryan founded the Fashion Drug brand in 2015. She started her creative career by making brooches, when that trend was not yet widespread in Yerevan. Thanks to her innovative techniques and unique design models, she was able to quickly gain recognition not only in Armenia, but also abroad, particularly participating in “Project Women’s” in Las Vegas, “Accessories Circuit” in New York, “Super” and “White” in Milan, “White” in Paris, Première Classe” and “Bijorhca”, Moscow “Junwex” and “CPM” annual exhibitions. In 2020, Anahit launched her first clothing collection. FD Sporty collection was immediately followed by FD Prima, FD Kids and FD Denim collections, which today are sold in different countries of the world with Made in Armenia label. These days you can come to the Atelier for a one-of-a-kind experience and create a custom-made outfit. The Customers get measured, then choose a design, and a fabric. It is an amazing and rare experience. People who want to have a strong personal style and a unique and chic look, got an outfit at Anahit, which made them feel self-confident and successful. You can read more on Anahit at www.anahitbeverlyhills.com

A veteran in the production of star-studded events, Nathalie Dubois, CEO of DPA, has proven herself to be exceptionally innovative and successful in the realm of celebrity gift suites. Originally from France, Nathalie Dubois attributes her success in part to her world travels and the exotic cultural influences of the products she picks for her unique gift suites. DPA run luxurious and spectacular gifting suites in LA, the weeks of various award shows, but can be seen in the biggest film festivals such as Cannes, Venice, or Toronto. DPA also opened its first Asian office in Tokyo, Japan in 2017. DPA celebrated in 2023 its 20th year anniversary, and its 18th year producing gift suites worldwide!

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