Physicool : Revolutionary bandage aiding the healing and recovery process.

Physicool USA Bandages

Physicool: How the science works

Physicool is a revolutionary bandage which contains rapidly evaporating alcohols. These alcohols react to body heat when the bandage is worn, causing them to evaporate. This evaporation process allows the bandage to draw heat out of the warmest source, which is the local underlying tissue. While the deep tissue is cooling down, the simultaneous compression given by the bandage will modify the inflammatory response, aiding the healing and recovery process. Thermographic Imaging Research conducted using thermographic imaging shows that a Physicool bandage applied to the lower leg reduced tissue temperature by 10°C after 10 minutes (image 4) and continued to fall.

Image 1. Temperature before exercise Image 2. Temperature after 15 minutes of moderate exercise – no bandage Image 3. Temperature taken 5 minutes after the bandage was applied Image 4. Temperature 10 minutes after the bandage had been applied – showing a 7°C drop Image 5. Temperature 15 minutes after the bandage had been applied – showing a 10+°C drop Image 6. Temperature 60 minutes after the bandage had removed. The bandage was applied for 30 minutes Each bandage will cool for 2 hours. The cooling benefits of Physicool far outlast those of gels, sprays or ice packs.

The science behind cooling by rapid evaporation

Evaporation is the process which involves a liquid changing into a gas. When a liquid evaporates, the warmest particles are lost first, with the remaining particles staying cooler. As alcohol evaporates at a lower heat and faster rate than water, it gives it a much faster and greater rate of evaporation. This allows the coolant to draw the warmest particles away from the deeper tissues, resulting in a cooling benefit to the whole of the affected or injured area.

Physicool cooling with open-cell technology

The unique Physicool bandage has been scientifically developed to bind the coolant to the surface of the bandage, will allows a sustained delivery of coolant when the bandage is worn. The unique weave of the bandage employs open-cell technology, which traps the coolant in the ‘cells’, real easing a steady and continual cooling effect.

physicool coolant

If a further period of cooling is required, more coolant can be applied directly to the bandage when it is in place, topping it up. Thanks to the exceptional binding effect of Physicool, there is no need to remove the bandage to do this.


Research has found that, by simultaneously compressing the affected area, the therapeutic benefits of cold therapy are enhanced (Capps, 2007). Because of this, Physicool combines compression and support with sustained cooling, with the aim of compression to stop hemorrhaging and reduce swelling. More on Compression


Cryotherapy, also known as cooling therapy, is widely used as a treatment in both the early management and the continuing rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries. The process works by lowering the temperature of the underlying tissues in the body by the withdrawal of heat. This helps to achieve a therapeutic effect, reducing blood flow, pain, metabolism and tissue temperature in the affect area. When Physicool bandages are used correctly, they should feel warm to the touch on the outside. More on Cryotherapy

How to apply Physicool video


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