Review of a Hollywood film: “Paper Flowers” by Guest Reporter: Vijay Bhatt

This news story is a review of a Hollywood film: “Paper Flowers” that had its’ World Movie Premier on Opening Night of the “Dances With Films” Film Festival. It is written by Vijay Bhatt for blog posting June 25, 2024.
It was an exciting experience to attend the premiere screening of Paper Flowers at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood last week.
Produced by Asit Vyas and directed by Mahesh Pailoor, ‘Paper Flowers’ is a heartwarming film based on the real life of Shalin Shah, a US-born son of immigrant Indian parents. The premise of the film circles around Shalin, a dynamic, fun-loving USC graduate, and the love of his life, his high school sweetheart, Fiona Chang, the daughter of a Taiwanese immigrant single father.
Right after graduation, Shalin, due to his out-of-the-box thinking to help and purpose in life, joins the US Peace Corps in Peru soon to find out about his having cancer. The inner intricate feelings of the parents of a young cancer patient’s son take the viewers deeper into the minds and hearts of the emotional trauma of such families.
Also profoundly displayed is the unyielding commitment and feelings of this young girl who is in intense love with this young man with cancer, knowing that he may not live for too long.
Knowing he has limited time, Shalin wants to get the best out of life and spread the word of happiness. Artistic metaphors of paper flowers and sunset are unique and admirable!
Mari Krell-Oishi meticulously wrote the screenplay with the help of the film’s creator, Asit Vyas, and writer/director Mahesh Pailoor.
As far as acting is concerned, Olivia Liang, in the role of Fiona, Shalin’s love, proves herself to be a very mature actress and carries the film hand in hand with Kapil Talvalkar, who plays the protagonist’s role as Shalin. Other main actors, Faran Thair, in the role of Shalin’s father, and Meera Simhan, in the role of Shalin’s mother, acted very well.
As the film is based on the real-life story of Shalin, staying within the realm, there are many admirable creative points of the art of storytelling in this film, which classify it as a must-watch film.
It is noticeable that the director has noted finer details throughout for consistency. Maintaining the delicacy of storytelling of a cancer patient, the director has taken utmost care not to make the film a sobbing session; rather, it gives a message about the purpose of life and to get the best out of it.
‘The Iceberg Theory,’ as it is called here too, without being explicit and loud, the script and the direction have artistically conveyed more than what is told.
The score music also had an apt impact. Photography, scores, and production quality are excellent.
The film offers a few teary emotional situations while narrating Shalin’s positive attitude of cherishing life without any melodrama.
The title, Paper Flowers, a metaphor in itself, resonates with a spirit of indomitableness.
Many kudos to the producer for showing the courage, creativity, and ingenuity to make such a beautiful film.
I highly recommend this real-life, story-based movie to those who think about the purpose of life.
Review of a Hollywood film: “Paper Flowers”

Review written by Vijay Bhatt for blog posting June 25, 2024

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