Eva Longoria @The 19th x Poderista: LatinX Our Stories, Our way By Nina Ameri

The 19th x Poderista: LatinX Our Stories, Our way By Nina Ameri

The 19th and Poderistas kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month with an incredible event dedicated to discussing representation in Hollywood.

Moderated by The 19th’s Economy Reporter Chaneli Carranza, a panel of latina creatives gathered and discussed the layered nature of the latinx identity. The rountable was then followed by a dynamic one-on-one conversation with Eva Longoria discussing her experience in Hollywood and passion for telling the stories of underrepresented communities.
In the roundtable, Gloria Calderón Kellett (Writer, Director and Showrunner), Dani Fernandez (Writer and Actor), and Linda Yvette Chávez (Creator, Director, Producer, Showrunner and Writer) discussed their diverse identities and described them as layered and unique. In their early careers the little representation depicted in Hollywood was disappointing and stereotypical. From the watering down of Latinx name pronunciations to being shamed for not being “brown enough” these women chose their own path to being writing stories they can relate to and that are truly representative of their communities.
Eva Longoria also reiterated the challenges in her early career for not having an accent or fitting into a stereotypical latina mold. In her efforts to break those stereotypes, Longoria is now dedicated to supporting projects that accurately represent her community. EVA LONGORIA is in our feature photo in the blue dress- 3rd from the left of the photo.
Longoria accomplished this as the Director in “Flamin’ Hot.” With this film, she discusses seeing her tias, tios, mom, and dad being depicted in the characters of the film. Not only that, but she recognizes the story on an individual level as well. “[This films] was the jackpot of all stories for me as a Chicana. I am [this character] I’ve been no. I’ve been told ‘that opportunity isn’t for someone that looks like you.'”
Despite being in the industry for over 10 years, Longoria describes having to continue fighting her opportunities to this day and the perception that Hollywood doesn’t have enough space to more latinx stories or talent. “There is enough space” Longoria reiterates and supporting each other is how the community will get there with it’s continued representation. In below photo Eva Longoria is on the left with Nina in the middle:
I walked away from this event feeling inspired and hopeful that the future of Hollywood will  continue to expand its representation of all underrepresented communities in film and television.
The 19th x Poderista: LatinX Our Stories, Our way By Nina Ameri
From September 21, 2023


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