“THE MIDNIGHTERS” At Dances with Films 20 – West Coast Premiere


Writer/director Julian Fort’s “The Midnighters,” a neo-noir father-son crime-drama, which stars longtime character actor Leon Russom in a tour de force lead performance. Writer/director Julian Fort has been a security guard at Paramount Pictures for 15 years, and has long aspired to be a filmmaker. “The Midnighters” is his feature directorial debut.

Expert safe cracker Victor Lustig has just been released from prison after a thirty-five-year stretch. Now an old man all Vic wants to do is pick up some money long owed to him and live out his days in peace, quiet and comfort. When his old co-conspirator Louis breaks the news that the cash in long gone, Vic’s retirement plan goes up in smoke. It isn’t until Victor gets a surprise visit from his long-lost son Danny that his future begins to become clear. It seems that Danny has followed in Vic’s footsteps, and has gotten himself in heavy debt to dangerous Russian gangsters Orion and Vadik. Now Vic’s got a choice to make: accept his new life playing out the string in a world he no longer understands… or risk his life by utilizing every bit of his old street skills to save the son he never knew.

Writer/Director Julian Fort of “The Midnighters” , Star Leon Russom, whose career spans over 55 years on stage and screen, with over 35 films to his credit, including the Cohen Bros. “True Grit” and “The Big Lebowski,” Gregory Sims (Real Steel), and longtime character actors Charles Dierkop (Police Woman, The Sting, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) and John Wesley (Remember the Titans), Stuart McLean (Scorpion), Costa Ronin (The Americans), Zachary Russom, Eve Mauro (CSI: Miami), Larry Cedar, Jack Gogreve, Ryan Kaercher, and Brent Pope along with Producer Adam Carl, Cinematographer Paul McIlvaine, Editor Jim Ewing, and Composers Brandon Jay, Gwendolyn Sanford and Scott Doherty.


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