Today : Vision Smart Center at Natural Products Expo West

Today : Vision Smart Center at NPEW

Dr. Eddie Shiojima – The Chairman of Vision Smart Center , was at The Natural Products Expo West today at The Anaheim Convention Center. In our interview with The Doctor by our TV show host Margie Rey , we all learned a lot about how to improve your vision , control damage of your eyes caused by free radicals, and the use of berries in the form of a drink to fight against all forms of eye disease .

The Doctor then went on to teach us Anti-Aging secrets , improve heart health , have more energy , and have more beautiful skin using Beauty Sparkle.  Our news team of Amy Levy, Nina Ameri , Richard Marcella , Ken Ronning , Steve Taylor , and Margie Rey , all agreed that this was one of the best companies in the Vision and Beauty fields.

Below is more of the exact details of The Vision Smart Center , and what they can do for you.

The Vision Smart Center was established in response to a growing recognition of the nutraceutical role of the unique and potent phytochemicals found in blackcurrant berries, particularly of benefit to eye health and risk-reduction effects associated with AMS disease.

Due to the successful results obtained by the Vision Smart Supplement and other blackcurrant anthocyanin supplement products marketed in Asia and Europe in the last 10 years, Vision Smart Center strives to serve all consumers who are suffering not only from eye health problems, strain, or discomfort, but also for those consumers looking to slow the aging process. The therapeutic and nutritional components of blackcurrant anthocyanins and phytochemicals, fortified in the VSC products, have displayed powerful effects these health pursuits.

VSC has been comprehensively involved in product merchandising research and the development of innovative technology in order to create a nutraceutical supplement based on the strong antioxidant and physiological activity of blackcurrant phyto-chemicals – all in collaboration with Just the Berries Group, which has been the anthocyanin research pioneer for 10 years, manufacturing industry-leading therapeutic and novel blackcurrant ingredients that support human eye health and anti-metabolic syndrome (AMS).

VSC goals are to foster a nutritionally and technologically well-balanced approach to its supplement production philosophy of utilizing the available technology only to the extent that it maintains the nutritional integrity of its products. Closing the gap between scientific research and evidence as it pertains to safety and health benefits, VSC products are formulated for the purpose of serving our clients the best, the most innovative and the safest products.


The Vision Smart Center is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of nutraceutical supplements that are uniquely formulated from powerful ingredients including New Zealand Cassis berries (blackcurrants), tocotrienols, and zinc for the highest therapeutic effects.

The complete Vision Smart Center product line; including Vision Smart Supreme, Super Cassis Power, Prosta Smart and Cassis Berry Juice.
All specially formulated to promote overall health with unrivalled phytochemical technology


At the Vision Smart Center, we believe that only premium ingredients can create the highest quality products, and we have base our complete product line around New Zealand Cassis specifically for its natural phytochemical components. The health-promoting raw materials found naturally in these fruits offer unrivalled antioxidant capabilities and include anthocyanins, polysaccharides, polyphenols, and essential fatty acid GLA.

We believe that only the highest quality ingredients can create remarkable nutraceutical supplements. All of our Cassis phytochemical and essential fatty acid components derive from Just the Berries’ New Zealand Cassis shown growing here at their New Zealand farm.


The core raw ingredients utilized throughout our nutraceutical supplements include Active Cassis Extract 30, which is created via a powder extraction from fresh New Zealand Cassis berries. This extraction then undergoes a liquid concentration, which standardizes the anthocyanin content to 30%. It is not only the impressively high content of anthocyanins that has made us select this raw ingredient, but also the anthocyanin structure specific to these berries, including an unrivalled 41% C3R and 40% D3R.

The unique anthocyanin composition found in the Cassis berries used by the Vision Smart Center is a characteristic of the ideal New Zealand climate and growing environment. No other anthocyanin contains this rare composition of D3R, C3R, D3G, and C3G.


Along with anthocyanin extracts, many of our products also contain GLA, which is one of the rarest essential fatty acids in nature. As one of only three key sources of GLA, the New Zealand Cassis berries undergo a super critical extraction method to remove and harness the amazing 16% of GLA from the seeds of these berries.

There are only three abundant sources of natural GLA including New Zealand Cassis, Borage, and Evening Primrose oils. Percentages based on “Viper’s Bugloss and related species” by Phil Nichols, John K. Kings & Sons Ltd. and “Gamma Linolenic Acid: A Natural Anti-Inflammatory Agent-Part 1” by Rakesha Kapoor, PhD.


Although Vision Smart Center knows that Cassis berries can be grown around the world, we have devoted countless hours to locating the highest quality and most beneficial berries available for use in our nutraceutical product line. We chose to exclusively use Cassis berries grown in New Zealand, due to their key component structure, which is unrivalled by the berries grown in other parts of the world. Our raw New Zealand Cassis ingredients are grown pesticide-and chemical free by Just the Berries, who also manufactures the superior raw ingredients, meeting strict quality standards and undergoing stringent testing prior to use in consumer products.

There are four key elements that make New Zealand Cassis berries more nutrient dense than the Cassis berries grown in other countries: Ideal climate with high UV rays, pollution-free air, uncontaminated soils, and pure mountain waters.


Numerous scientific studies have shown that free radicals, oxidative stress, and hydrogen peroxide (H202) damage is a leading cause in many of today’s common diseases and illness symptoms. We have spent tireless hours conducting and exploring research on ways to combat these free radicals within the body, and studies have shown that the natural phytochemicals found in Cassis berries have the power to scavenge these harmful components. We have subsequently created a product line developed around the concept that if consumers can eliminate the triggers of their illness, such as H202 damage and free radicals, then they can successful combat the illness. Eliminating these free radicals can help to regulate inflammatory responses; combat certain types of cancer, improve vision health such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, promote brain health, and manage the symptoms of women’s health issues.

This study reveals that the H202 scavenging abilities of Cassis anthocyanins are more than three times more powerful than that of Bilberries. “Imaging of Hydroperoxide and Hydrogen Peroxide-Scavenging Substances by Photon emission.” Yoshiki, Y., Iida, T., Akiyama, Y., Okubo, K., Matsumoto, H., and Sato, M.


The scientific team at the Vision Smart Center utilizes cutting edge processing to successfully develop the most advanced and highest quality products. All of our products are produced allergen-free, and critical scientific data backs the health support of every component in each of our five products.  We apply the most innovative science and technology with superior manufacturing and dedicated personal service to deliver exceptionally safe nutraceutical products of the highest quality.

Cassis berries grown in the pure island climate of New Zealand are manufactured not only into the highest quality raw ingredients, but also into the most beneficial nutraceutical supplements on the market today.

The Vision Smart Center has teamed with Just the Berries to utilize the natural health promoting capabilities of New Zealand Cassis. Here, the grandchildren of David Eder, one of Just the Berries’ Cassis farmers, enjoy an afternoon picking fresh Cassis in New Zealand.


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