2021 Cine Gear Expo Live & In Person at the Los Angeles Convention Center


After a long wait, and cancellations and postponements, now live—for the first time in over two years, the 2021 Cine Gear Expo finally opened up, with the best in innovative cleaning equipment, heighted sanitation and disinfection protocols and ventilation mechanics that comply with CDC and Cal/OSHA standards, to provide a clean, safe and healthy venue for everyone at the Los Angeles Convention Center! Located in downtown Los Angeles, the LA Convention Center is Southern California’s most technologically advanced green venue, featuring soaring ceilings and ample space for exhibits and seminars. The venue also includes one of the largest dedicated parking structures in Los Angeles with over 15,000 spaces in the immediate area. Additionally a variety of public transit options allow for easy travel to and from the expo. The LA Convention Center provides convenient access to world-renowned LA LIVE!, an entertainment complex that includes the Nokia Theatre, the Staples Center Arena, The Grammy Museum, top restaurants, and The Ritz Carlton Hotel and Residences.

There was a limited number of booths this year, with a limited number of attendees at this years Cine Gear Expo, but as always the Cine Gear Expo offers artists and technicians the opportunity to discover state-of-the-art technology and techniques including content capture hardware, workflow software, support equipment, and the latest production services.  It is the premier Film, Video, and Digital Media Expo for the entertainment industry.

Invitees get hands-on training, gain knowledge and skills from world technology leaders and network with peers all within a professional and comfortable environment, along with some good Screenings and Premiere Seminars. To name a few: MovieMaker Presents MovieMaker Pitch Session, Blackmagic Design Presents Going Live with Virtual Productions: The Tools and Tricks for Realtime Storytelling, Zeiss Presents ZEISS Cine Conversations, IATSE Local 600 Presents The Impact & Dimensions of Camera Prep, and American Society of Cinematographers Presents Dialogue with ASC Cinematographers.

Exhibits and events covering cutting-edge production tools and methods, included: ARRI, ASC/American Cinematographer, Blackmagic, bebob, Bright Tangerine, Canon, Chroma-Q, Cineo, DrivingPlates, Duclos, Fujinon, ICG Magazine/ICG Local 600, IDX, Panasonic, Quasar, Sony, TV Logic, Zeiss and more, along with advanced film screenings, premiere seminars and presentations from industry organizations and respected industry personalities, and dialogue with ASC Cinematographers Panel, and Cine Gear’s Lighting Workshop Masterclass, and for people to catch up on the latest techniques, they were able to learn more at the Cine Gear Master Classes.
In our feature video with have an interview with Panasonic’s Matt Frazer, who presents the Lumix BGH1, a compact camera with simultaneous C4K/4K 60p/50p 4:2:0 10-bit internal recording and C4K/4K 60p/50p 4:2:2 10-bit live output for external recording via HDMI. A very special thanks to James Mathers the Founder of The Digital Cinema Society for this very insightful interview!  For large format 4K cinema, broadcasting or live streaming, LUMIX BS1H offers the exceptional performance you expect from LUMIX in a box camera body. BS1H is an exceptionally lightweight and easy-to-install box camera whose arrival is timed perfectly, against a backdrop of increasing need for top-quality streaming solutions in addition to traditional broadcasting and cinema production.
  • 24.2MP full-frame sensor with Dual Native ISO
  • Unlimited video recording on all settings
  • 14+ stops of V-Log/V-Gamut, Anamorphic mode
  • 12-bit RAW output over HDMI
  • Remote control, 4K 60p streaming with PoE+
  • Genlock, Timecode, HDMI, 3G-SDI, Wi-Fi

Operating at the forefront of virtual production technology development for the film industry, ROE Visual visualized the value-added use of LED products in film production.  Composed of ROE Visual LED products Black Pearl BP2V2 and Black Marble BM4, the XR Stage accurately represented actual XR stages in use, that gave visitors an immersive experience and understanding of the techniques. “ROE Visual provides us with high-quality LED products, and we are delighted with the results. The BP2V2 LED panels perform completely in line with our high expectations.” said Jonny Slow, CEO of Pixomondo.

ALPHA 7 COLOR(α7c) New Series:

The α7c series is the 3rd generation of LED lighting with a new light source/optical solution for lighting control and an innovative operation interface. It is a package lighting composed of LED spot / LED panel with 6 Color + 2 White (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Lime, Cyan, Warm white, Cool white) ultra-high-capacity LED engine and ALPHA LITE’s unique ‘α Algorithm’. Overcome the limits of the color expression gamut and color temperature range that existing White lighting and RGB lighting, it became possible to expression for Moonlight from Daylight-focused lighting, perfect color expression, and strong brightness at the same time.

– CRI / TLCI Up to 99.5%
– 2,000~35,000K Color temperature variable
– Light distribution angle adjustment through Multi-array lens and Micro diffuser
– Color correction function to adjust the emotional feeling and color of halogen lighting

Alpha(α) Algorithm:

Color Mixing Optimization Algorithm
When color is created by mixing LED primary colors, although theoretically correct,
it is often inconsistent with human perceived color.
It provides the best color mix algorithms created by the field experience of the gaffers and
the devoted research of dedicated engineers.
Dimming Curve Optimization Algorithm
Dimming, which controls the brightness of light, must be configured to exactly match
the brightness perceived by the human eye; along with this, color quality must also
be maintained together. The α algorithm provides optimal curve values with
long-term research and field experience.

CRI Boost Algorithm
Color mixing without considering the Color Index (CRI) causes rapid color deterioration.
The α algorithm is designed to maximize CRI beyond preventing color degradation.
Digital Color Detail Realization Algorithm
If you implement color in digital by applying analog paradigm, you will not reflect
the characteristics of LEDs and reproduce inaccurate colors.
This enables you to achieve optimal color by managing microcolor details that
reflect LED characteristics.



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