DUSTIN CURTIS MURPHY interview @ Dances With Films Festival in Hollywood, by Tressa Smiley


The Dances With Films festival, now in its 26th year, was formed with the vision of celebrating the quality of work in film, rather than relying on “who you know.” Over the years, DWF has grown substantially and is now considered a significant discovery festival with a reputation for fostering relationships among filmmakers. Dances With Films (DWF) has been a beacon for independent filmmakers. Held in the heart of Los Angeles, DWF is a discovery festival known for its friendly spirit and commitment to helping filmmakers forge relationships. DWF is one of the highest-attended film festivals in Southern California, with more than 20,000 attendees each year! The festival, which has been a cornerstone of independent cinema since 1998, was held at the historic TCL Chinese Theatres in Hollywood, over 11 days and nights!

It was an incredible star studded closing night in Hollywood at The Iconic Chinese Theatre, with a great closing night after-party at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Garden hosted by Lalo Tequila, for the 26th Dances With Film Festival!

Dances With Film aka DWF:LA had its 26th annual independent film festival on 11 fun packed days and nights in June and July. Always prioritizing important storytelling above all else, this year’s theme of “Peace, Love, & Celluloid” is a nod to some of its powerful programming that promotes healing, highlights social justice, and celebrates inclusivity and diversity. DANCES WITH FILMS has been recognized by USA TODAY readers as a TOP TEN North American Film Festival!

On this news segment our News Reporter: Tressa Smiley (see photo below) interviews: DUSTIN CURTIS MURPHY  So stay tuned for a lot more with Tressa!


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