Equinimity Project, Tucson, Arizona: Interview by Kalpana Pandit


Dancesequences Inc. is a non-profit organization formed in 2017 by two friends Karenne Koo and Sabrina Geoffrion , with a dream to bring creative movement to people in vulnerable groups and to increase societal inclusion through dance. They  believe that every body can dance, and that creative movement is an essential mode of communication
and way for people to express themselves. They have built a repertory company made up of approximately a  dozen people of diverse backgrounds and abilities. The company work is largely based on  improvisational movement as a way to maintain an authentic expression of emotions and ideas.

Their goal is to explore current social issues through dance and share pieces with small audiences in settings where the sharing can be followed by dialogue between dancers and audience members.
Dancesequences also has a commitment to serving or community with a particular emphasis on vulnerable populations. They have multiple ongoing projects in addition to the Equinimity project, including school workshops using creative movement to teach kids about inclusion and diversity, creative movement classes with afterschool kids and also elderly memory care patients through a local organization that provides services to low income families, classes in a local shelter for women experiencing homelessness, and monthly creative movement experiences in public outdoor spaces around Tucson. For a full description of their ongoing projects and sharings by their repertory company, please check out their website dancesequences.org

Dancesequences is grateful to Lori Medcoff and her incredible horses at Spirit Therapeutic Equestrian Program (STEP) for their support, encouragement and creative energies in this project . Lori and her equine therapy partners provide healing therapy to many kids nd adults in Tucson through STEP. For more information go to : spiritequine.com

Watch the exclusive interview on our youtube channel as well on the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vUkqyCR9U0

Interview Location Courtesy: Animas Center Tucson ( Pilates, Yoga & Dance Studio )


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