Go Solar For Free! & Cut your Power Bills in Half – Save the Environment – and even make a Profit!

Go Solar For Free! & Cut your Power Bills in Half - Save the Environment - and even make a Profit!
We are GIVING AWAY SOLAR POWER for free to help people lower their energy bills significantly, improve the environment by using clean renewable energy from the sun, and help prevent power outages and blackouts- by not using the Grid anymore – thus taking pressure off of overused city Grids throughout the country! With free 1 million dollars of insurance, 25 Year Guarantee, 10 year warranty on the roof, and home owners can even sell back extra power to their local power company and make a profit!

The 7 reasons why our solar power company is the best:
                                                                                                                                  1) All work and installation of Solar Panels is done by our direct employees – NO sub-contractors or 3rd parties.

2) You get 100% FREE Solar – with NO deposit and NO money out of pocket at any time! You get a solar panel system and equipment worth up to $30,000 for free!
3) You can even make a profit and sell your EXTRA POWER BACK to your local POWER COMPANY!
4) You get 1 million dollars worth of insurance!
5) You get a 25 year warranty on the installation, and Solar Equipment, and 25 year Production Guarantee on our work!
6) You get a 10 year warranty on your roof                                                                    7) Cut your power bill by more than half!

If you could potentially: add more value to your home, save money and add predictability to your bills, why wouldn’t you? With each passing day, switching to solar is becoming more and more of a no brainer. Below are just a few examples of why solar makes sense.

Make money producing your own power!

Imagine having the electric company pay you, instead of you paying them. That can happen when you install a Solar Power System. Consider this: Our Solar Power System is guaranteed to produce the amount of power we promise it will for 25 years. The average homeowner in America breaks even on their solar investment in 8 to 10 years. Everything you earn after breaking even for the next 15 or more years? That’s money in your pocket.

Add value to your home.

The average homeowner can add significant value to their home when they go solar. Installing solar power can give you a greater return on investment than most home renovations. Not only can solar increase the value of your home, it may also raise the chance of your home selling at a faster rate. Benefitting from solar without having to go through the install can be very attractive to potential buyers.

Make a positive impact on the environment.

It’s no secret that we need to cut carbon emissions to preserve the environment for our children, and beyond. Going solar is one of the most valuable things you can do to preserve the environment for future generations.

How does our Unique 25 Year Production Guarantee Work?

It comes down to Quality, Monitoring and standing by what we promise. In order to be the best, we use the highest quality components, installed by experienced professional installers.

All of our solar power systems are rigorously quality-tested before we seek permission from your utility company to turn your system on. Once your system is on, we monitor it 24 hours a day. If it ever breaks or produces less power than we promised it would, we’ll fix it.

We’ll even reimburse you for any energy production lost!

See our feature photo of a recent solar installation we did.

For Residential Homeowners and Commercial Businesses anywhere in The USA, and select locations overseas: to get more information on getting a FREE SOLAR SYSTEM PUT ON YOUR ROOF, along with getting cash back into your pocket, and/or a 26% Tax Credit E-Mail: sales@TexasSolarForFree.com


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