“In Real Life” of ABC TV’s Boyband , live from The MTV Video Music Awards


Check out our show that was live from THE MTV VMAS with : “In Real Life” of ABC’s Boyband , where our TV show host Margie Rey for Entertainment Today , got this Boy Band to perform just for our viewers, during our interview ! That’s twice in just the last 2 weeks that Margie was able to do this with a singing group ! The last event that she pulled this off,  was The Teen Choice Awards – only 2 weekends ago !  Below: In Real Life :  Image result for In Real Life

For the complete story go to: entertainmentandsportstoday.com Facebook.com/entertainmentandsportstoday and Youtube.com/entertainmenttodaytv  #pink #mtvvmas #katyperry #kendricklamar  #taylorswift  @pink @mtv @katyperry @kendricklamar  @taylorswift @boybandabc @inreallifexmerch @inreallifepodcast @inreallifez @inreallifegroup @inreallifetexts  @inreallifefacts


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