Live from Las Vegas : The biggest mass murder in US history !


    Live uncut raw footage from Las Vegas during the shooting in Las Vegas . A few of our news staff were in Las Vegas during the biggest mass murder in US history ! Tens of thousands of frantic concert-goers screamed and ran for their lives. Our Producer Steve Taylor and cameraman//2nd Unit Director – Ray were in Caesars Palace during this shooting, where they first evacuated people, then keep them inside for safety , and then all the hotels were closed down , and The Las Vegas strip was closed down. Now with your room Key and ID , you were allowed back into your hotel room, but the streets are still closed. All gambling has stopped, and the casinos look empty and vacant. Concertgoers help an injured person after shots were fired at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip on Sunday, October 1.

    Our reporter- Brittany – was actually staying in the same Hotel (Mandalay Bay) as the sick shooter – 64 year old, Las Vegas  area resident -from The Mesquite city in Clark County, Nevada, United States, adjacent to the Arizona state line and 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas on Interstate 15, : Stephen Craig Paddock- who was shooting out the window of the 32nd floor , down on the ground outside the hotel. Brittany ran super fast to get away from the spray of bullets of the sick shooter , then she locked herself in her room along with her friend . – She is now safe in her room . Police officers walk through the Luxor where people have been evacuated during a shooting on the Strip on Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017, in Las Vegas. Chitose Suzuki Las Vegas Review-Journal

    The shooter was shooting down on the crowd that was there to watch The Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival – Concert. Marylou Danley – 4 feet 11 inches – Asian , was the women helped the shooter.At first it was 2 dead , 1 officer dead , and 50 injured, and 25 in critical condition, then as the info came in – 20 dead , and now the count is 50+ Dead , and 400+ injured. The Las Vegas police, swat, FBI , and all available law enforcement and security moved fast to find the shooter in The hotel – then shot through his hotel room door, and then the shooter committed suicide, and then they arrested his helper – Marylou. The shooter who had 10 riffles , was caught since he shot so many rounds of bullets into the crowd – that the fire alarm went off.

    Above photos- the vacant Las Vegas strip after it was closed down for the safety of everyone.

    Heroically people in the hotel went door to door in The Mandalay bay – on the 32nd floor – to help find the shooter – to stop him from killing more people, so that in that short time they saved countless lives !

    Things are still not 100% back to normal – but if you like to call with any info you may know – call : 866-535-5654. People run for cover at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival after apparent gun fire was heard.

    For the complete story go to: and @lasvegas_lv #massmurder  Please keep your prayers coming !


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