Miles Teller, John Hawkes, William Baldwin, Roger Lim: Too Old To Die Young

Miles Teller & Roger Lim star in Too Old To Die Young
Amazon Studios’ Too Old To Die Young was the very first streaming television show to ever be invited to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Co-creator, director & writer Nicholas Winding Refn (Drive, The Neon Demon, Only God Forgives) presented a sneak-peak into the heart of the much-anticipated TV series by premiering Episodes 4 & 5 for the packed Grand Lumiere Theatre, finishing to a 4-minute standing ovation.
This movie stars one of our our reporters: Roger Lim ! Roger has covered many events for us, for Entertainment Today and Entertainment & Sports Today over the years.
Given full means to film ten 90-minute episodes, Refn carefully cultivated his epic all the way through his lengthy production process. At Refn’s Cannes press conference, the TOTDY helmer stated, “This is a movie —  it’s a 13-hour movie. It’s streaming, it’s not TV — TV is like reality shows and some news channels… This is the future — which is streaming.”
The series stars Miles Teller (Top Gun: Maverick, Whiplash, The Spectacular Now), who plays Martin Jones, a conflicted contract-killer cop caught up in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles. This first collaboration between Refn and Teller also stars John Hawkes, William Baldwin, Jenna Malone and Christina Rodlo. Actor Roger Lim, whose arc as a shady businessman sheds insight into the complexity of Teller’s troubled character, states, “Refn allows his ensemble of exciting talent the absolute freedom to dive deep within their characters, while masterfully crafting and inspiring pure, organic collaboration”.
Refn’s ground-breaking series will debut Friday, June 14th on Amazon Prime with season 1 plunging us deep into the world of assassins, warriors, and revenge.



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