New Non-Profit Educates about Cannabis and Hemp in Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Products

New Non-Profit Educates about Cannabis and Hemp in Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Products

The Cannabis for Better Health Foundation is the first consumer-facing platform created to fill an unmet need for providing easy access to impartial, objective, science-based information about cannabinoids, cannabis, and hemp for human and animal use.   You can think of it as the “WebMD” of Cannabis and hemp. Our expert doctors and scientists can help natural and consumer products companies launch successfully.

Investing in the cannabis industry is valuable. However, there is no one organization this is working on a paradigm shift when it comes to the perception of the industry – in the US and worldwide. The not-for-profit hybrid functions between a commodity board and a professional association for industry stakeholders, to partner together in improving access to non-biased information.

Cannabis for Better Health offers a unique platform that is designed to share science, health, and information around specific medical conditions, as Cannabis remedies in a way that no brands can – which will not violate FTC/FDA/FCC regulations – nor have age-restricted access. The organization will allow brands to focus their websites on marketing their brand, story, and products, without having to worry about potentially crossing the line about real or implied health use of the compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants. It will provide vital continuing education to health care professionals (the same way pharm & CPGs do for their products) and serve as a resource for the media – including proactive communications to debunk misinformation.

Municipalities and other government agencies/entities look to Cannabis for Better Health as a resource for impartial, science-based information as it provides a third-party Quality Verification Seal Program for on-pack labeling accountability to build consumer confidence. These relationships will help fuel the industry growth in a way that meets the high standards set and expected by National Retailers who are poised to offer these products in near future.

The Cannabis for Better Health Foundation is an IRS-approved 501(c)3 Public Charity funded through tax-deductible membership fees, private donations, and charitable contributions comprised of a team of experienced and passionate healthcare professionals with specialties in cannabis, communications, policy initiatives, CPG, and partnerships.

Those in the Fermented Beverage and Cannabis/Hemp industries know that it takes financial resources to make a platform of this magnitude successful.  The industry is in desperate need of an organized communications platform to debunk misinformation. The organization hopes that the budding industry moves in the right direction, with standardized practices that assure better health, profit, and trust.


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