The 15th Annual LA Femme International Film Festival

The 15th Annual LA Femme International Film Festival: Co-Writer & Lead Actor Conner Wharton

Martha Elcan’s “LADIES MOST DEJECT” Wins Best Short at The 15th Annual LA Femme International Film Festival Awards Presented Sunday Evening in Downtown L.A.

Charlie, played by co-writer Conner Wharton (see in our featured photo), is a 17-year-old girl from deep in the Appalachian mountains, who must save her sisters and little brother from her addict mother and drug dealer uncle. Nowhere to go, the kids are met by a trusted teacher who finds them a safe place, if only for one night.

Written when Wharton was 19, this is her first collaboration with Elcan and fellow co-writer & producer Mark Salyer.

Director Martha Elcan, originally from Lynchburg, Virginia, is a DGA director with over 25 years of production experience. Her feature film debut NEXT OF KIN starred Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer, Ed Begley Jr., Bess Armstrong, Jeremy London and George Newbern. She recently directed the short film “AsIf…” that takes a comedic look at gender and racial parity. 

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    Below is the full list of the 2019 LaFemme International Film Festival Winners:
    Best Feature:  “More Beautiful…for Having Been Broken” Nicole Conn
    Best Documentary: “FEAR NO GUMBO (stop stealing our sh*t)” Kimberly Roberts
    Best Screenplay:  “Thrift” Elise Jackson
    Best Music Video:  “Lost”  Madeline Kate Kann
    Best Short: “Ladies Most Deject”  Martha Elcan
    Best Feature Writer: “Three Roads” Amanda Ives, Kip Calendine, Sarah Beth Goer, Vanessa Donley
    Best Feature Director: “ALASKA IS A DRAG”  Shaz Bennett
    Best Foreign Film: “Fated Hearts”  Seda Peker Özkan
    Best Animated Short: “Passage” Asavari Kumar
    Best Special Focus Documentary: “This Little Land of Mines” Erin McGoff
    Best Webisode: “One True Loves”  Olivia Accardo
    Best TV Pilot Script: “Four Gallows ‘Blood Becomes Her’”  Kimberly Seilhamer


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