The Emmy Celebrity Connected Luxury Gifting Suite


Yesterday our news team went to the historic Biltmore Hotel, which is the former home for The Oscars , and after-party for The Grammys, to cover The Emmy Celebrity Connected Luxury Gifting Suite. In this gift suite there was sponsoring businesses in Technology, home decor, beauty, health, food/beverage, the latest in fashion/apparel industries , and many new and unique products. The many celebrities, and news outlets that attended this amazing event, loved the products that was given to them !

In the feature photo above you can see our TV show host: Margie Rey posing with Nick Abdoo the Marketing Director for Cosmetic Hideaways . Margie is wearing a necklace that is attached to a gold metal lipstick case , so that in a very stylish way you can put on lipstick whenever you may need it , since it’s so handy to carry around your lipstick -around your neck, and it’s also great looking jewelry ! It’s a very unique idea !  It fits a variety of different lip products, including Fresh mini lip balms, and This Sun Bum . For more info go to :  

Margie is also wearing Repurpose Bowties , as you can see in the above 2 photos. Looking great at your red-carpet event goes even further than outward looks: it’s about the meaning behind your clothing. Advocating and supporting brands that are passionate about fair wages, the environment, and other good causes and purposes gives your fans something to talk about beyond the texture or pattern of your fashion choice.  For more info go to :  

Above Margie poses with Elena Bensonoff the Perfumer for Orali. Orali has custom perfumes with mystical, magical fragrances gathered from natures remarkable bounty. Hand-crafted natural perfumes charged with releasing a primal courage and rekindling a simmering flame. Natural essential oils extracted to arouse energy and magnify the inner prism. Orali®‘s natural, discerning vail is sensual, romantic, profound, demur, and captivating. It yearns to accessorize the soul, conjuring moments past and memories yet to be made. Inhale… Allow yourself to be moved in the scent and awaken the Divine Feminine! Her dominion of beauty, passion, mystery, and love awaits you. Within seconds of anointing, the senses of smell and touch overwhelm both space and time. Allow the healing aroma to seduce you as you embark on a voyage to the realm of Magic. Your first encounter is the sparkling Bergamot, Blood Orange, and Sweet Vanilla. Curiosity and yearning now join your travels. Soon, the consecration of Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Apricot, Patchouli, and Peru of Balsam permeate your being, caress your core, and entice the inner Goddess. Her principles, your principles of insight, creativity, harmony, and wisdom take nourishment in the energy now coursing through your pores. Once your senses are fully awakened by this natural hypnotic aroma, you are left transfixed on this mystical place of LOVE and LIGHT! For more go to :  

Above Margie poses with Sue Phillips House of Fragrance : Fragrance expert Sue Phillips was introducing her new fragrance kits, the Sue Phillips House of Fragrance Ménage à Trois kits, Sparkling Citrus, and Glamorous Floral, to Margie . Priced at $145 SRP, they will be available at and select specialty stores. The Sue Phillips Ménage à Trois kits will include a Signature Scent consisting of an exquisite Sparkling Citrus plus three Perfume Enhancers, which can be sprayed and layered over each other so that you can create and enhance your own unique fragrance daily, depending on your mood or the occasion. The second kit is Glamorous Floral plus three different Perfume Enhancers, which can be worn alone or layered several times for day and night scents. “Embrace and enhance your moods for any occasion– from day to night – innocent to sultry – fresh to captivating with our Signature Scents and exquisite Perfume Enhancers” suggests Sue Phillips.

Each bottle comes with a unique Signature perfume, and each one is specially crafted so that any combination complements each other. The perfumes are bottled in beautifully crafted 20 ml “swivel” atomizers, in chic black and gold with the 3 Perfume Enhancers in 8 ml, and available in gold, black, and silver, and will feature the Sue Phillips signature logo.  “My mission is to take fragrance OUT of the bottle and to create a magical perfume experience for my clients ….. drop by drop” says Sue Phillips. “Why wear what everyone else wears, when you can create your own?”  

Diva Stuff is a north Florida-based small business run by family and friends and founded by Kym Nadeau. Kym (center of above photo) and her staff is in the photo above with Margie. It brings together Kym’s passion for arts and crafts with her love of potions and lotions. A few years ago, Kym was inspired to develop a flu and cold-fighting product she called the ” Cold Kicker Lip Slicker” – an all-natural, lemon honey-flavored lip balm made with ingredients known to combat germs and bacteria. Armed with extensive research on natural ingredients with other useful properties as well as skin care secrets from around the world, Kym began crafting new products, evolving and expanding the Diva Stuff line. An art teacher, she then brought her creations to school for her co-workers to try, and their enthusiastic reception convinced her to start selling them on eBay — where the accolades grew even further. Today, Diva Stuff is a thriving, growing brand with dozens of products from make-up to soap bars and everything in between.  And it’s all made in the U.S.A.! Their products are still handmade, formulated to remain as natural as possible, and never tested on animals. For more info go to: 

Above Margie checks out out WEWool Socks. WEWOOL has one goal and that is to help as many people as humanly possible! Their products are inspired by what a person experiencing homelessness would very much need to stay warm and comfortable. The only way they can help is through loyal customers who make a vow to purchase the products they sell in order to help those in need. They stand by their promise to donate a pair of socks every time a pair of theirs is sold! Their merino wool socks are made in North Carolina, USA. The finest merino wool socks for a fraction of the price!  Below photo:      Matt Siracusa – CEO & Founder of WeWool :

Matt had the vision for WEWOOL while running a breakfast outreach ministry in Hartford, CT. The ministry serves breakfast to hundreds of people every Saturday morning. On many occasions, Matt would drive around during the winter with a large quantity of socks, hats, and underwear. He noticed that even grown men would be brought to tears when given a pair of socks! It was clear that something needed to be done on a larger scale where people all around the world were given socks in preparation for the cold months. Matt loves to fly-fish, hunt, and tend to his small personal farm. His active lifestyle has a lot to do with the inspiration of the functionality of our products. As CEO of WEWOOL, Matt desires huge success because that would mean a massive number of people are being helped each year! Matt lives in Connecticut with his wife Meghan, baby Lucy, and their 18 hens. For more info go to

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